There Sure Are A Lot Of Spider-People In Disney's New Spider-Man Cartoon

The new Spider-Man series on Disney XD, coming after the end of Ultimate Spider-Man, decided to strip Peter Parker back to his most basic form: A young, nerdy high school teen who's only just been awakened to his great powers. Except, apparently, the show's also bringing along another three Spider-heroes just because.

Image: Still via YouTube

Although we've known for a while that Spider-Man would be including Miles Morales, Gwen Stacy and Anya Corazon among its main cast, a new featurette from Marvel gives us our first look at them in action on the show — and even confirmation that at one point at least Miles is going to be suiting up in the series.

Aside from the strangeness of immediately bringing in these other characters — even if it's just as Peter's classmates for now, it's clear from the footage they're going to get involved in Spider-shenanigans pretty quickly — it's cool to at least see an expanded cast of diverse characters from the comics make the jump over to this new series. Especially Anya, who despite being the main-reality Spider-Girl of Marvel's comics-verse, doesn't really get the spotlight in other ancillary material like this.

Still, it is weird to have done this as a "back to basics" Spider-Man cartoon, only to then instantly add another three potential Spider-heroes into the mix. If that recent concept art of Spidey swinging along with Gwen, Miles and Anya in costume ends up panning out, it seems like Spider-Man could get pretty hectic very fast.

Spider-Man hits Disney XD in the US on August 19.


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