This Horizon Zero Dawn Lego Diorama Is Adorable

Image: Flickr/Marcel V

Just take a look at this gorgeous Horizon Zero dawn scene, made entirely from Lego.

Look at little Aloy with a watcher! Isn't it adorable?

Image: Flickr/Marcel V

Marcel V creates a bunch of geeky Lego diaoramas - from Lord of the Rings to Harry Potter - but this is his first from the epic title that has taken over the lives of myself and many other open world robot dinosaur female lead fantasy game fans.

"Dedicated to Markus, who inspired me to build something Horizon related," Marcel V says on his Flickr account. " Although I'm not into these kind of games, I always enjoy the outstanding artwork. And Horizon Zero Dawn is just beautiful. Scene is inspired by the Newcastle Tyne Bridge ingame."

Hopefully there's more to come!


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