This Is The Silliest Hearthstone Card Yet

In the digital card game Hearthstone, there's a common card called Thoughtsteal that is a core part of many Priest decks. For three mana, this card will let you copy two cards from your opponent's deck and add them to your hand. How... quaint.

Yesterday, Blizzard revealed Archbishop Benedictus (via Phil Kollar), a new seven-mana Priest minion that will steal your opponent's entire deck. The possibilities are endless. Trying to take down a Control Mage? Now you are the Control Mage. Need to counter a Token Shaman? Now you are the Token Shaman. It isn't clear how viable Benedictus will be in competitive play, but he sure will be fun to watch.


    Sounds entertaining but in practice probably not ideal as you'd have double the cards, two watered down decks in one. Better would be a swap deck effect!

    It'd be 20 cards at most, remember the deck is only what's left undrawn, not what you started with. But as @dazzler3622 said it'll dilute the deck. Good for fatigue priests though (not that we need any more of those, thanks Blizz).

      If this expansion gives us some more viable control decks, this would amazing if the game is looking like it will go to fatigue, especially against Jade Druids.

        I have to confess, I hate going against fatigue decks. They're a viable strategy I know, and there have been fast ones in the past like mill rogue, but sinking 25+ minutes into a match that drains both decks out is like pulling teeth. They slow down the ladder climb so much.

        I agree that control needs more attention though. Pirate warrior, jade shaman and murlocadin are still the most popular decks out there and they're all basically high speed face decks.

        Also, for gods sake Blizzard, please help warlocks. I did 45 matches end of last season and none of them were against warlocks. Majority were priest and shaman.

          Argh, that's where we differ as I rarely played Ranked these days (because I hate aggro and the grind is too much for me). I mainly just play Casual and do my daily quests, hoard the Gold and wait for the next expansion :)

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