This Is What A Pikachu Invasion Looks Like 

Starting yesterday, there's a "Pikachu Outbreak" event in Yokohama, with Pikachus taking to the sea and the sky. Even thought these events are now held annually, this year's looked less like an "outbreak" and more like an "invasion".

[Image: Theta247]

Pikachu took to the air. 

Had a fancy amphibious bus.

Arrived by water. 

Set foot on dry land with sailors.

Wore special outfits and looked pissed off. 

Marched in formation.

The Pikachu are taking over Yokohama until August 15, but will be ruling Japan forever.  


    Am I terrible for imagining the opening scene from Saving Private Ryan but instead of soldiers when the transport doors open on the beach its the Pikachu's being mowed down by nazi's...?

      That was my thought too, though I'm probably more terrible for then thinking it also looked like they'd picked up a bunch of illegal Pikachu immigrants coming in by boat.

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