This Week Is Prime Time To Farm Abilities In Splatoon 2

This weekend's Splatfest isn't just about deciding the better condiment (hint: It's the red one), but it's also prime time to farm up a big store of ability chunks for your competitive wardrobe.

Once you've taken a side in the great Mayo v. Ketchup conflict in this month's Splatoon 2 Splatfest, you receive a blank shirt with three open slots for abilities, ready for you to level up and trick out. As it happens, local clothes vendor Murch is running a deal — from now until the end of the Splatfest on August 6, he'll scrub that tee clean for 2000 coins instead of the normal price of 20,000.

Splatoon gear isn't just about how fresh you look, but what abilities your outfit gives you. From handy ink-saving perks to quick respawn and special power-ups, having decked-out clothing gets you ahead of a squid with clothes right off the rack. Scrubbing for chunks lets you build up a cache of perks that will let you tailor any piece of clothing to your loadout's needs — no more compromising style for usability.

Reddit user jrec15 did some maths on the scrubbing, and found that the most time-effective method is to constantly scrub your Splatfest tee.

Alright time to maths this a bit. Because the price is so much more affordable, i dont think grinding to tier 3 is as much of a no brainer. First sub ability tier takes 4000p, second 8000p, third 12000 so that means:

Tier 1 scrubbing - 2000 coins per chunk, 4000p per chunk, ~3-5 games per chunk

Tier 2 scrubbing - 1000 coins per chunk, 6000p per chunk, ~5-7 games per chunk

Tier 3 scrubbing - 667 coins per chunk, 8000p per chunk, ~7-10 games per chunk

Though this leaves you wearing a shirt that's scrubbed of any useful perks, it's easy enough to burn through a few games of Turf War and hop back out to bank some more. It's definitely cost-effective to scrub as soon as possible, but if you don't want to hop in and out of the lobbies constantly, I've found saving up for the two-chunk scrub is still as effective for farming.

This is also a great time to burn some drink tickets, which increase your experience gain and also raise the chances that you might get a certain ability on your gear's next level-up. Be aware of brand loyalty too — the Splatfest tee has its own brand of Squid Force, meaning its more common to receive Ink Resistance Up and Ink Saver (Main) as abilities.

The Splatfest shirt only sticks around for a little while, as it gets reclaimed from your inventory at the event's end. If you're trying to build up a great jacket full of ink-saver and special-up for your Aerospray, or swim speed and ink resistance for Dualies, now's the time to burn some tickets, become a regular at Murch's nook, and start scrubbing some tees.


    "better condiment (hint: It's the red one)"

    Couldn't read past here and support someone who ruins their food with that red sugary trash.

    Mayo on its own isn't great, but mix some other stuff in and you've got aioli or Perinaise. Ketchup is forever bad.

      Exactly this. Ketchup is a trash-tier condiment, there's basically no such thing as a "quality" ketchup unlike mayo which can exist at both ends of the spectrum.

      Grew out of tomato sauce long long long ago, can't stand the stuff any more.

        You are talking about two different things which probably means you actually have no idea what you are talking about. So what is it, ketchup or tomato sauce? Also, you'll find some good ones if you venture away from Woolies or Coles.

          Red stuff that gets squirted on a meat pie or sausage roll or chicken nuggets or whatever. As opposed to a sauce made with tomatoes that you'd put into pasta or pizza or something.

          Though that said, Heinz had a "black label" tomato sauce years ago that was pretty amazing, variants with olive and chilli too.

    Gear leveling is too friggen slow now, this is about as effective as waiting for plants to grow with actual farming.

      Yea considering it takes 3 minor abilities to equal 1 major ability it should be a bit quicker I think. That's if it's the same as the 1st game at least.

        I just finished checking up and crunching some numbers actually. They've lessened the gap between 1-star and 3-star gear, and how much it takes to fully level up each type. But overall they've pushed up the number of wins required - best case scenario you were getting 6k per win in S+, so for ranked it would take just 4.5 wins to fully kit out a piece of 3-star gear, while now you only get 2.5k per ranked win no matter what rank you are. 3-star gear will take 9.6 wins to do. Although turf will still take you about 16 wins of turf in either game (more variable in the first game depending how much you turf).

          Yea used to just grab my aerospray and go crazy with leveling gear in the 1st game. Thanks for crunching the numbers by the way.

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