Trailer For Fishing Simulator Game Is Freaking Intense, Man

Trailer For Fishing Simulator Game Is Freaking Intense, Man

Reel in that fish!

Fishing Planet just got a trailer that is surprisingly hardcore for a game that’s about standing around and fishing. I come from the Land of 10,000 Lakes, and can tell you that you are more infinitely more likely to get a sunburn than you are likely to look this badass while fishing.

Fishing is generally considered a relaxing experience, but the trailer seems ripped straight from a Fast and Furious movie.

The trailer boasts that Fishing Planet has over 70 species of fish and countless tackle combinations, something that I guess is so exciting it needs a few guitar riffs for emphasis. The fish also apparently have a complex AI system, which is supposed to RALLY immerse you in the activity.

Really, everything the trailer mentions is extremely dramatic. 12 scenic waterways to play in? Better throw in some exciting chase music. The fish bit the lure? DROP THAT BASS.

Wait, what? The man reeled the fish out of the water? Let’s get a close up and throw in some slow motion!

The best part is noticing that the character’s facial expression makes him look like he’s dead inside.

Just look at him.



At the end of the trailer, the man shows off his prized catch, and the photo ends up on his desk in a high rise office in NYC. It’s disappointing — with a trailer like this, you’d think the game would have you fist fighting with a bass or something. Nope.

Fishing Planet comes to PS4 on August 29th, but it’s already available on Steam.