US House Republicans Attempt Zelda Reference, Screw It Up

US House Republicans put out a thing today on tax reform, and for reasons unknown, they built the entire thing around a Zelda reference.

The Legend of Zelda series is Nintendo's best-selling video game franchise enjoyed by more than two generations of gamers. The action-adventure game was released in 1986, only one year after Nintendo's founding in 1985.

And you know what else was released in 1986? Yeah, you do. The last major reform to the American tax code was signed into law in 1986.

Nintendo was founded in 1889.

[House Repubicans]


    Not to mention that Mario is far and away Nintendo's best selling franchise, I'm pretty sure Pokemon and the Wii sports franchises are even be better selling than Zelda...swing and a miss US House Republicans

      That's not what best-selling means dude.

    Yay ! Politics invading videogames, Definitely going to win over ppl to your way of thinking. Such asshats. Yes political views are featured in adult video games like metro 2033, That isn't the point, Gaming is a hobby with some semblance of reallife via real world outlooks on said life but this is just gross.

    Don't the Republicans have at least one gamer on staff that can fact check this stuff for them?

      Truth is optional if you make it sound good. They just needed to check the Nintendo wiki to find this information. I guess this is one of those alternative facts I've heard so much about.

    Thought that was a typo in the last line at first! Had no idea Nintendo was over 100 years old.

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