Watch Me Open A Big Box Of Dragon Quest 11, Fresh From Japan

I spent way too much money on Dragon Quest XI merchandise. Dragon Quest being my favourite game franchise, and a numbered instalment in the series being a rare event, I found it appropriate to splurge. In the video above, watch what $US600 ($758) got me.

My true buddy Kyle, who lives in Japan, endured Dragon Quest XI launch madness to obtain and ship me this big box of Dragon Quest goods with punctuality.

A wacky-huge box of this merchandise arrived at my house in the morning while I was on my way out the door. I couldn't leave my house without opening this box, and taking my sweet time doing so.

As for anyone wondering why I didn't also get the special edition Loto's PlayStation 4 — well, there's a good reason. The reason is, uh — because it's coming in a couple of days. (Thanks again, Kyle.)


    Unboxing videos are the lamest thing ever.

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