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Image: Kotaku

If you'd like to hear more details about the Xbox One X, or you just really want to know when the hell you can play Sea of Thieves, then Microsoft's Xbox briefing at Gamescom might be worth watching.

I can't promise that we'll get a Sea of Thieves open beta date, of course. But the company is expected to announce more details about the console, and Gamescom is typically a good opportunity for showing off indies and other games that didn't get top billing at E3.

The briefing is set to kick off in around three hours. You can get an updated timer from the YouTube embed below, and when it's live you can watch it here as well.

Until then, what would you like to see from Xbox in Gamescom? And what else would you like to see from the show more broadly? Let us know in the comments.


    I got my SoT tech alpha invite this weekend! So I'll be having a session tonight!

    I'd be curious to see more of Crackdown 3.

    Every time I reload this page over the last couple of hours the timer has said 28 mins to go.

      The briefing has already happened, so the video is now a replay (which includes the countdown, you just have to skip through it)

    Don't know if i got out of bed on the wrong side this morning or if i'm just becoming a miserable git as I get older - either way I really struggled through that show because of the hosts, the German lady was ok but the other two just ensured I skipped through most of it.

    Otherwise decent-ish showing, slight shame it seems a lot of games will already have come out by the time the thing launches, but at least only days/weeks rather than months.

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