We Asked New Yorkers If Mario Is Human

I went out on the streets of New York City to ask the people a question that has burned game-likers’ brains since the announcement of the upcoming Super Mario Odyssey: Is Mario a human?

I promise I’m getting a haircut really soon, by the way.


  • Of course Mario is human and so is Wario because he always loves his garlic and because he likes getting fat he still hates Mario though but with Super Mario Odyssey coming out for the Nintendo Switch in October there’s no need to ask why Mario has a powerful cap that allows to transform himself into certain objects like enemies a taxi a tank or even Godzilla the dinosaur but still Mario is human and he is still an Italian plumber not to mention he was also a doctor because he was called Dr.Mario which involved using his pills to get rid of viruses in a Dr.Mario Tetris game so now Mario is back and this time he has jumped out of the Mushroom Kingdom and is taking on the real world to save Princess Peach from having an evil wedding with Bowser. No need to ask why Bowser is wearing his wedding clothes though even though he is also wearing his white top hat that he also uses as a boomerang.

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