We're Making Each Other Play Video Games For 12 Hours

Image: Kotaku

Today on a very special MARATHON LIVE STREAM of Kotaku Splitscreen, Kirk and I will be playing video games for 12 hours. Here's the catch: They will all be video games that we picked for one another — games we've never played before.

From Splatoon to Suikoden, this will be a packed day full of us playing video games we've never played before, so come join the fun and hang out with the Splitscreen crew.

The schedule:


Wednesday, August 30 (All Times AEST)

2AM - 4AM: Jason plays Dark Souls

4AM - 6AM: Kirk plays Suikoden 2

6AM - 8AM: Jason plays Splatoon 2

8AM - 10AM: Kirk plays Super Mario RPG

10AM - 12PM: Jason plays Resident Evil 7

12PM - 2PM: Kirk plays Super Mario World

You can watch it all here, or directly on Twitch at the Kotaku channel starting at 2:00AM AEST.


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