What Are You Playing This Weekend?

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The weekend is a great opportunity to try lots of things, but predominately I'm looking forward to this.

I'm writing this from Tokyo right now, as I've made my way to Shibuya for an event which you'll hear a little more about next week. Part of my time here, however, will also be spent visiting the Shinjuku VR Zone, which has the Mario Kart VR and Evangelion VR. Both of those can be enjoyed on a single ticket, so that should be good fun.

I've also brought my Switch with me, although I've been enjoying an older console game on my phone: NEOGEO Turf Masters. The controls are actually pretty good, and there's something about the aggravation of golf that works for me. It's been a long while since I've actually played, but Turf Masters will do for now.

What are you playing this weekend?


    Gonna give Wing Commander 3 a shot.

    Got the actual CDs a while back so will go the DOSBox route.

    I know GoG.com re-released the game but it can't hurt to go retro (figuratively speaking).

    It's even tempting to see if I can get my old Cyrix running just for this game but it seems leaving it in the garage has caused the board to become a bit "furry". I'm sure it's dust but I don't wanna risk finding out the hard way the machine has rotted into a fire hazard.

    Path of Exile! 3.0 finally releases with 6 new acts and removal of all difficulties, gonna be no-lifing that all weekend I think!

      Me too. Looking forward to the new Challenge league and taking down some gods!

      This! I've also been playing the xbox1 beta too.

    I just reopened my WoW account so I'll be playing that along with some Splatoon 2

    Grinding end-game on Yo-Kai Watch on 3DS. Got all the rare/legendary Yo-Kai I want, so after this I'll probably start a PS Vita game of some type.

    Borderlands The Pre-Sequel - started TVHM with the Baroness.

    Shadow Tactics Demo - It's pretty damn good, even better than Commandos in some ways. As an added bonus it plays nicely on console!

      Good to hear re Shadow Tactics thanks, have looked at it all week but kept um-ing etc over the controls on console :)

        They've put a surprising amount of thought into the control scheme. It'll never be as good as mouse and keyboard but I'm happy with it. Thinking of buying the full game in the near future.

    Going to smash out some PUBG tonight (And get mad at the lag in the latest update, I'm sure) then move onto Rise of the Tomb Raider and probably Metro 2033 redux.

    Currently juggling my gaming time between Hitman, Dirt Rally and Stardew Valley, so I guess a little bit of all of them.

    I was going to get back into my ME:A game and work on completing it, but I really don't feel like it yet so I think I'll play a mix of PUBG, BF1 and Neo Scavenger instead.

    More Breath of the Wild. I've spent 115 hours running around Hyrule and probably should, you know, fight Ganon at some point.

    I will get onto Splatoon 2 for the Splatfest this weekend. Other than that, will probably get a little bit more done in BotW and maybe get through a bit more of Xenoblade Chronicles on the 3DS.

    Splatfest obviously. Man that game is so addictive.

    I finished dishonored: def ed and its story dlc last weekend so I might jumo onto Until Dawn or Journey. Not sure yet.

    Elite:Dangerous on Xbox. Just about to head of on an exploration trip in my new AspX.

      O7 Hello fellow Commander! I'd doing the same but in my Dolphin...currently saving up for an Anaconda but still a far way from it haha


        Anaconda will be a long way off for me! One day....

    I'm currently deciding whether to try and make some progress in the advanced objectives of the current Diablo III season or jump back into FFXII. I'm also finishing up Ray Gigant and will be taking a crack at Fallen Legion: Flames of Rebellion next.

    I've been playing Warframe on PS4 for the past 4 days, I'm addicted to it.

    Past few days I've been playing and hating end game in the original Torchlight. That'll be the weekend too.

    I'm still bashing through Dark Souls 3 for the first time, just got through the prison with the 'notorious' enemies. Somehow didn't have much issue with them, but promptly got whacked multiple times by a stoopid mimic which seems to hit like a truck - ah, that overconfidence!

    Otherwise still blasting through my PES Master league save & dropped some coin on some switch title called Splatoon 2? Team Mayo all the way!!

    Last couple of Levels of Titanfall 2. What great little campaign, worth checking out if your a FPS or Mech fan. Also some Battlefield, Prise De Tahure probably the best map of the lot IMO.

    Get the platinum in Full Throttle, then grind towards the Platinum in Horizon Zero Dawn. Then... gulp... start Persona 5.

    Ideally, since Joel's (of Vine sauce fame) Doom map making contest might be starting soon, I'll begin planning out my entry.

    Most likely, I'll play WoW or PUBG, if I even get to sit at the computer.

    Nioh - hit Way of the Demon a couple of days ago, so currently reevaluating my focus on damage in order to avoid getting one-shot by a stiff breeze.

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