What’s Your Favourite Form Of Exercise?

What’s Your Favourite Form Of Exercise?

We had a few colleagues take part in the annual City2Surf marathon on the weekend, which has resulted in some hobbling around the office over the last couple of days. So for this week’s Off Topic, it’s a good chance to ask: what’s your preferred form of exercise?

I’ve never been the gym kind of person, predominately for a couple of reasons. If I’m not exercising for a competitive reason, like playing soccer or (when I was younger) cricket, I prefer exercise to be a solo pursuit. There’s probably a few self-esteem issues in that: I used to weigh a lot more than I used to (120kg, in fact) and just going for a run by myself was easier, cheaper and wasn’t burdened by having instructors or other people randomly come up to you.

Actually, it’s probably just the cheaper part.

But in general, the idea of just going for a run in the morning or evening when it’s cold has always appealed to me. Having music blast through your head while the ground reverberates through your feet has a certain calm to it. It’s peaceful, really.

But if I’m picking something for raw excitement, there’s nothing that quite beats using my previously quite large arse to bounce people around in indoor soccer. Christ I miss that game.

What’s your preferred form of exercise?


  • Walking.
    Not power-walking, not “competitive walking”, just regular old walking.
    Helps that I have long legs and a long stride.

  • Favourite? The idea that any form of exercise is something you can actually enjoy doing rather than simply being a necessity seems weird to me.

  • Ice skating. I have a hard time keeping up with excercise as a ritual. But im currently learning to play ice hockey. Which means now im skating 2-3 times a week for 2 hour stints. Good way to keep the heart rate elevated

  • I do personal training at the gym (mostly weights) once or twice a week and karate 2 or 3 times a week. Love them both for different reasons.

    I tend to hate anything that requires running 😛

  • I actually enjoy exercise. Mostly cycling – mountain and road. Keeping on the cycling theme I own a spin exercise bike at home which is my fav form of ‘gym” workout.

  • Swimming, either ocean or pool.

    Helps that it is low- or no-impact so you don’t usually have to worry about joint degradation or pulled muscles.



    training in deadlifts means I can carry ALL THE GROCERIES AT ONCE

  • Used to be martial arts – always learning new things, or working to improve practiced techniques, was a great way to avoid getting bored out of my mind during exercise. I can’t imagine how people just “go for a run” – my mind would always drift to things that I’d much rather be doing.

  • I go to the gym four days per week to do a power lifting-style regiment for weight training. I really enjoy it because I honestly just like seeing all the numbers go up for the three major lifts (bench press, squat, dead lift). I’m getting stronger and I really like that.

    I do judo twice a week. I used to do judo three times per week, but I’ve recently changed clubs. Judo can be a bit rough on the body and since I’m doing it as a hobby (I’m long wore out for competition), two times a week is fine.

    I don’t really do “cardio”, but I guess the training in judo is very cardiovascular. Close enough.

  • The Vive is my workout tool.
    Nothing more exhausting than minecraft with arm swinging locomotion, running from a creeper can be rather exhausting

  • All about that swimming life.

    Oddly enough, treating swimming like a game is a major reason I like it so much.

    IE Choosing precisely which drills to work on which improves my “skill trees”. As well as constantly improve my distance and times, not to mention the equipment I use.

    So yeah it’s all one big RPG for me….

  • Windsurfing or downhill mountain biking if the conditions are calm. I need my exercise tinged with danger.

  • Favourite: Walking home from work.
    Leaat Favourite: Walking to work

    Its all in the destination not the journey.

  • i am enjoying pole dancing. each week i can feel myself get slightly better and more coordinated. the environment and the people are incredibly supportive, non-judgmental and you get a real sense that you are improving

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