What's Your Favourite Song From Gaming?

Image: Child of Light

For this week's Big Question, let's talk music. Gaming music, to be precise.

I was initially going to ask what people's favourite soundtracks were. But upon reflection, there are plenty of gamers who don't listen to complete soundtracks, or they only identify one or two memorable songs from an LP.

There's been a wealth of great game music over the last few years, though. Hotline Miami immediately comes to mind as something that's consistently great, although I wouldn't be able to identify individual songs without looking at a tracklist.

But something that I've consistently listened to since it came out was Little Girl, Gen from the Child of Light soundtrack. I'm not going to try and convince anyone that Ubisoft's watercolour indie platformer is perfect - it certainly had plenty of frustrating moments - but that individual song ... man, I don't know.

It just really works for me.

Something else that sticks out in the mind is Crypt of the Necrodancer. I wouldn't listen to Disco Descent on repeat for hours, but hearing the song the first time around and then being hit with the shopkeeper's warblings is pretty funny.

If you wind the clock back, there's plenty of options. Eyes on Me comes to mind, although more for the cult around it than any personal affection I have for the song itself. There's the War March from Red Alert. More recently, Baba Yetu's intro for Civilization 4 was good enough to win a Grammy in 2011, and I still have a lot of love for the intro for Gabriel Knight 3.

What's your favourite individual song from a game?


    Still Alive from Portal. Such a fun little song.

      You mean Still Alive from Mirror's Edge. It has all the feels.

        Never played Mirrors Edge, so don't know the song. Its been sitting in my Pile of Shame for waaaaay too long.

        But the Portal song was the first one I felt impelled to hunt out and add to my normal song list. There was a 3rd party tool that let you dig into the install directory and grab the music as mp3's which made it an easy task to add to iTunes.

        Still on my ye olde ipod. Right near the end of my main playlist, its a good marker to know when I'm about to head back to the top of whats a 200 song list.

          Still Alive was a downloadable song in the original Rock Band.

      Just so i dont get lost in the weeds - sorry @grunt.

      Valiant Hearts - Little Trinketry or Broken Wing.

      Just... do yourself a favour and listen

    Road to Zanarkand from Final Fantasy X. That's some beautifully haunting piano. One of the few pieces of music on a Start screen I listened to every single time I loaded a game up.

    Impossible to answer. Any number of songs from DKCs, the mario franchise, and various other tracks from individual games. Like Undertale, or Hotline Miami/2. Hell of a question.

    I will mention Le Perv, since HM2 was banned here a lot of users may not have heard it. In context, it coincides with a prison riot and it goes real well with it.

    The sun rises from Okami.
    Aisle 10 from JSRF.
    Calling from TWEWY
    Midna's suite from LOZ:TP
    The great ocean from LOZ:WW
    The overworld theme of lorule from ALBW
    I have too many.

      I logged in, just so I could upvote, and second Aisle 10. The whole JSR/JSR:F soundtrack was amazing, but Aisle 10 is just a massive stand out, and is still on heavy rotation in almost every play list I make.

        Such an amazing song. I know I got a few people enjoying aisle 10 despite never playing JSRF

    Master of Puppets - Doom E1M1

    Also, pretty much anything Danny Baranowsky. You woudn't have Super Meat Boy, Binding of Isaac or Crypt of the Necrodancer without the music.

    Edit: So I might have got confused between 'music' and 'song' >.>

    Last edited 30/08/17 12:13 pm

    The title intro. music with the steel drums at the start of the original Secret of Monkey Island... even the beginning chimes gives me goosebumps when I hear it.

      This. It has to be the original MIDI version though. It's been on my regular music rotation for years.

    Anything from Secret of Mana and Chrono trigger. I'm not even the biggest RPG fan but those soundtracks carried such weight and importance to the story.

      Totally agree with these, but I would also add Secret of Evermore, while it was a less well known game being produced by Square's US team. It was still a fantastic game and I think Jeremy Soule's (Elder Scrolls series) first foray into doing game music. Fantastic compositions that were all released as orchestral versions in an official soundtrack that is truly understated. I'd recommend giving it a listen sometime if you enjoy that kind of thing!

        If you can recommend any orchestral versions to me I would appreciate it. I haven't found too many I REALLY thought were mixed or recorded well.

          Perhaps I overstated, but the official soundtrack (https://youtu.be/iF0i55epJuY) is definitely not the in-game audio but was based off all the original in-game tracks. This is what I was referring to :) hopefully you enjoy it though.

    It's gotta be Snake Eater. Absolutely nailed the Bond vibe.

    The junkyard boss fight music from Lollipop Chainsaw.

    That game had some great music but some tracks were composed by Jimmy Urine of MSI who also voiced Zed, that boss.

    It's like, peak MSI style.

    My music collection is like 50% (Of several tens of thousands of songs) game soundtracks or gaming music and you're asking me to pick one or two? Does "Musunde Hiraite Rasetsu to Mukuro" from the Project Diva games count? (Although these days "Pink Moon", "Slump" and "Doushite Kou Natta" are my trifecta of songs.)
    In terms of strictly soundtracks, I'd have to say "Make This Right" from Furi would have to be an all time recent favourite. Going back to classic gaming though, "Composition in Q" from Tyrian was/is one of my favourite tracks from that era.
    Some runners up are "The Library" from GREED: Black Border and "Voice Rhythm" from Command and Conquer: The Covert Operations.

    Leaving Earth, A Future for the Krogan or An End Once And For All from Mass Effect 3. Hell, that entire OST is magnificent.

    Honourable mentions:
    • The Dawn Will Come from Dragon Age: Inquisition
    • Dam Top from Borderlands 2
    • The main theme from Assassin's Creed 3 specifically
    • The entire Persona 4 soundtrack
    • Dawn/From Past to Present/The Streets of Whiterun from Skyrim

    New Angels of Promise - The Nomad Soul. Gives me tingles its perfect atmosphere!!

    The song at the end of Mass effect one as the credits rolled. This is a bit anti productive but I hated that song, it was so cliche but it really suited the end of that game

      That'd be M4 Pt.2 by Faunts, I actually don't mind it.

      Most of my favourites have already been mentioned. The Ace Combat series has some good tracks, a couple of highlights would be Liberation Of Gracemeria from 6, Rebirth and Launch from Assault Horizon. Shout out to Jet Set Radio Future as well.

      I hated Saren's Theme because it's also the same music you hear when you die.

        One of my dearest friends trolls me, to this day, when we are playing tabletop games by playing that theme when I do something boneheaded. Because he is a magnificent bastige.

    There's an absolute truckload of tracks that I could pick, I often find myself wanting to replay Axiom Verge has an excellent soundtrack overall, the track Inexorable has this really odd glitchy Middle Eastern vibe that really gives off an otherworldly impression.

    The best song from any video game I have ever had the pleasure of having the tunes lick my ears. Has to be the Khezu theme from the MonsterHunter franchise. Absolutely unbeatable in my book.

    Prologue ~to the Ancient Land~ by Kow Otani (Shadow of the Colossus)
    Great Grey Wolf Sif and Gwyn, Lord of Cinder by Motoi Sakuraba (Dark Souls)
    Any track from Austin Wintory's The Banner Saga soundtrack

    There are far too many to choose from, honestly. Some that come to mind though:

    - Fear Not This Night (Guild Wars 2)
    - Invincible (World of Warcraft)
    - Will the Circle be Unbroken (Bioshock Infinite)
    - Icarus (Deus Ex: Human Revolution)
    - Tristram (Diablo)
    - Fallout main theme (Fallout 4 in particular)
    - Aeris' Theme (Final Fantasy VII)
    - To Zanarkand (Final Fantasy X)
    - Shepard of the Galaxy (a medley of Mass Effect themes by Big Giant Circles)
    - Deadman's Gun (Red Dead Redemption)
    - Elder Scrolls main theme (Skyrim in particular)
    - Setting Sail, Coming Home (Bastion)
    - Short Change Hero (Borderlands 2)

      Definitely agree on the skyrim. Still have that in my playlist to listen to when i travel (only time i listen to music).

      Also thanks for informing me of 'shepard of the galaxy' i hadn't heard of it before and i quite liked it.

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