What's Your Favourite TV Show Or Movie To Rewatch?

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Everyone has that one show or series, whenever they're feeling blue, that they like to return to. So for this week's Off Topic, we're talking comfort shows.

A series I'll rewatch every few years - only the first season, however - is Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex. There's something about a world where cybersecurity has become absolutely paramount that feels more relevant today than it did when I first saw the series on SBS almost two decades ago. Whether people will cyberise their brains, or attempt to augment them in some manner, is something else entirely. The internet certainly isn't going to become any less relevant, at any rate.

My partner is a big fan of rewatching Gilmore Girls, and we both went through the majority of the series ahead of Netflix's mini-series last year. I don't mind catching up on a bit of sci-fi here and there, but it's usually anime that I end up returning to if I want something comfortable.

What's your favourite TV series, anime or movie to rewatch?


    Getting home from the pub and wanting to stick on a movie, it'll be an old cult fave like Withnail and I, or brainless fun superhero stuff like Iron Man.

    While out exploring in Elite: Dangerous, I've been rewatching Babylon 5.

    I don't really re-watch TV shows - it takes too long.

    In terms of movies that I like to watch when I'm feeling depressed or whatever, I have 3 in particular - Almost Famous, Rushmore and The Big Lebowski.

    Young Ones (TV series) or Stargate (movie and TV series). Never get tired of them.

      You've probably already seen it, but if not check out Bottom. It's not as random as The Young Ones but it contains some top shelf violence.

        Yep. Love Bottom. My partner almost had to call an ambulance for me one night 'cause I stopped breathing from laughing too hard while watching Bottom.

    Some TV series don;t age well, but comedy usually still works. Blackadder, Yes Minister, or Fawlty Towers for example.

    My movie go-to's are Aliens and The Crow. They're like comfort food and a warm blanket for the soul.

    Farscape, The Office [US], Malcolm in the Middle, The X-Files

    Yes Minister and Yes Prime Minister, if I feel I'm getting less cynical.

    Well I seem to always re-watch Dragon Ball Z and Hajime No Ippo. As for movies probably Hot Fuzz.

    Rick and Morty. Scott Pilgram. Fight club.

      Rick and Morty, for sure. I don't rewatch things, generally, but I have rewatched R&M more times than I care to admit.

        So many repeats. So many missed jokes.

    For in-the-background type thing, Stargate SG-1 or Futurama, movies: anything with Keanu Reeves.

    Akira, at least once a year. Fight club, Predator, Shaun of the Dead, Natural Born Killers, Full Metal Jacket, Black Sheep n Brain Dead are all regular watches. Just depends on the mood n the crowd.

    Band of Brothers, have to have to watch it, a minimum of once per year.

    All star treks back to back normally in canonical order over the course of weeks until ive done all (ignoring DS9 cos fuck sisko).
    Stargate SG1

    My "comfort" shows tend to be:
    Hellsing Ultimate
    Casshern Sins
    Outlaw Star
    Ergo Proxy

    Basically, anime. Although really there's a very limited list of shows that I actually turn to when I'm feeling like poop.

    im actually watching Stand Alone Complex , 2ND GIG !!!!!! lol

    I've gone through Seinfeld in its entirety several times with my DVD boxset, never mind the elenty billion repeats on Channel 10 back in the days I watched broadcast television.

    It might be time for another rewatch :)

    Stargates besides SG U
    Technoman blade

      Man i remember watching Technoman on CheeseTV back in the day. Good times - weird show to air in the morning for kids though.

    Futurama for sure. I'm still watching it years later and finding stuff I'd never noticed. I find I can rewatch animated stuff a lot more easily than real life action.

    I love too much to have favourites, but I watch all of Stargate SG-1, Atlantis and the movies about once every two years, I restart One Piece pretty often, obviously Futurama gets watched yearly, 3rd Rock from the Sun always cheers me up, Bottom fills the gaps, Rick and Morty is short enough that I rewatch it all the time, same with Todd and the Book of Pure Evil, Archer has slowed down a bit but I'll never pass on it, Aqua Teen Hunger Force sneaks into the mix a lot, and I'm sure there's a ton of stuff I'm forgetting.

    I will Watch the Cornetto Trilogy (Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz, & The World's End) every year, not in a row generally but spread out between eachother.

    Sometimes i'll watch Hot Fuzz a few times a year, i don't think i can ever get sick of it.

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