When Fallout Meets Judge Dredd

Dimitri Zaitsev wondered what it'd look like if you mixed the dystopian worlds of Fallout with Judge Dredd. So he put together this incredible outfit to find out.

In the gallery below you'll see the amount of work that went into the costume, not just in terms of its construction, but the weathering and other effects that genuinely make it look like it's something that would be worn at the end of the world.

Cosplay From The End Of The World

Growing up in Russia in the 1980s and '90s, Dimitri Seizef was inspired by all kinds of dark, moody and dystopian fiction, from video games to movies to comic books. No wonder then that he's carried that love through to his cosplay business.

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Zaitsev runs Nuclear Snail, a business that doesn't just make cosplay for fun, but also for things such as magazine spreads and even museum exhibits.


    Incredible work. I thought it was a mod at first and looked for a download link.

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