Witcher 3 Mod Grants Geralt Sick Skating Powers

Remember sexy skateboard Geralt? From the beach and also your dreams? Yeah, well you can play basically as him in The Witcher 3 now.

Photoshop by Luke Plunkett.

Geralt of Rivia's Pro Witcher 3 mod imbues Geralt with the ability to slide — a la when you're coming down a steep hill or mountain — everywhere. Oh, did I mention the ludicrous speeds? Because they really are quite something. Check out this video (via PC Gamer):

Modder Eutirion originally created this ode to the gods of grind to assist with a no-fast-travel playthrough of the game, so it includes some other options — such as the ability to swim so fast that you'll start to actually feel bad for Drowners — in addition to Geralt's newfound boarding prowess.

Sorry, Roach. Until you figure out how to do a kickflip to a 720 indie horsebone, looks like you're out of a job.


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