Zack Wasn't Actually Aerith's Boyfriend In The Japanese Version Of Final Fantasy 7

I've been playing Final Fantasy 7 in Japanese and English at the same time, and I'm noticing a lot of neat little differences. This is part three of a video series in which I present those differences for your appreciation.

Today, we're going to meet Tifa and Aerith. Everyone in the English version refers to Cloud and Tifa as "childhood friends", though does that mean something more interesting in Japanese? The answer (which is, "sort of") may blow your mind — or it might just entertain you. I would appreciate it if it did either of those for you.

Maybe the biggest thing I notice in this episode is that in Japanese Aerith definitely does not refer to Zack as "My first boyfriend" in the Japanese version. Instead, she calls him "The first guy I liked" — an important difference!

Also, why does the English version sometimes use the word "Shit" and sometimes write it as "SHIT!"? I think I figured that out, too.

As always, a warning: Any Japanese you learn over the course of this video might never be of any use whatsoever to you.

If you want to catch up on all the previous episodes, we have this handy playlist right here.


    Jumping on this one early but "TEAM AERITH"

    I'm aware this doesn't contribute to the discussion...

    This is not new for anybody who played Crisis Core (an absolutely fantastic and undeservedly obscure (damn platform) game, btw, full worthy of being FFVII's prequel. They flirted around awkwardly and definitely could have dated if it wasn't because Zack's life got hectic around the time he met her and simply did not give him room for romantic dalliances before it was tragically cut short.

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