Get 60% Off Dark Souls 3 On The Humble Store

Image: From Software

Just a minute! Don't go to Steam. You'll only see a full-price Dark Souls 3. What you need to do is point your browser to Humble Bundle's place of business instead, helpfully labelled the Humble Store. That's where you'll find From Software's punishing action title for a sweet $US23.99 ($30).

At the time of writing, the 60 per cent discount is good for another two days, plenty of time to contemplate your purchase. While no DRM-free copy is available, you will get a redeemable Steam key.

However, there's something else you should know if you're after the whole shebang.

Humble also has the Deluxe Edition on sale. It's almost twice as expensive at $US42.49 ($54), but it includes the season pass that, if you were to buy separately, would set you back $US24.99 ($32).

So that's $US48.98 ($62) total, taking into account the discounted base version. If you just grab the Deluxe Edition instead, you'll save $8.

That's two large coffees! Though considered how rage-inducing Dark Souls 3 can be, maybe keep an eye on that caffeine intake.

Dark Souls III and Deluxe Edition [Humble Store]


    Worth it at double that price. I've clocked about 800 hours and still not bored.

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