A Look At Mickey Mania 2, Which Was Cancelled In 1994

Image: Youtube (Gamehut)

Mickey Mania was a platformer released for the SNES back in 1994, and for the time, it did pretty well. So well that there were plans to make a sequel.

The operative word being were.

Traveller's Tales was the studio responsible for Mickey Mania. If the name rings a bell, it's because the studio is still alive today as TT Games - the company responsible for the LEGO series of platformers and a string of licensed games.

TT were still finding their feet in the early 90's though, at least until Mickey Mania came along. While the game wasn't a critical smash hit, it did well enough commercially to warrant a sequel.

So after its release, the developers knocked up a prototype showing the direction of the game. GameHut has released some footage on YouTube of the prototype. There's no enemies or real obstacles, but you can get a look at the animations, the day/night cycle, and some of the platforming mechanics.

As it mentions early on in the video, Mickey Mania 2 was cancelled after Traveller's Tales were given the opportunity to work on a licensed Toy Story game. That was a side-scrolling platformer as well, and was met with a middling reception (thanks to some truly painful controls) when it released in 1995.


    Mickey Mania was fun but the best one was Mickey and Donald: World of Illusion. It was painfully easy but was like a work of art to look at/experience.

      You made me login just to say HELL YES! This was one of the games that got me hooked on gaming.
      I miss this game so much, I remember playing it with my brothers growing up on the Sega Genesis.. So many memories came rushing back

    Loved Mickey Mania. Was incredibly hard for a Disney game

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