A Look At The New Xbox Duke Controller

Image: Twitter (Seamus Blackley)

I'm not entirely sure who out there was lobbying for a return of the original Xbox Duke controller, but hey, you got your wish.

Here's something you might have missed from around E3. Amidst the hustle and bustle of the Xbox One X, Ubisoft teaming up with Nintendo and everything else was the quiet announcement that the Xbox Duke controller was getting remade.

It's being produced by third-party manufacturer Hyperkin, with the assistance of Seamus Blackley. Blackley was the one responsible for writing the original proposal for the Xbox, as well as pitching the project internally and assembling the team that would go on to develop the console.

In follow-up questions, Blackley said that the new iteration would have "many improvements" but "the same old feel".

The only hard details about the controller right now is that it'll have left and right bumpers, a detachable cable just under 3 metres long, and a logo display screen. Oh, and the fact that Microsoft has officially approved the return of the face-sized controller.

The Elite will still be my go-to, but hey, more choice never hurts. When there's details on availability, as well as a release date, I'll let you know.

Update: As a counter-point of sorts to those (myself included) wondering why the Duke is making a comeback, Seamus Blackley offered an explainer on Twitter. It's a fairly long thread, but it begins with the tweet below.


    That controller was horrible!

      Hey, the new version might be good. Doubt it'll be better than the stock XBO/XBOS controller, though.

        I'd have preferred a Controller-S. That thing was a beauty. So comfy, and it fit my hand like a glove. Having huge man hands, I still found the Duke too big. Still, I'll be keen to check the improvements in the thing... would be nice to use on the PC!

      Because people like me want it, its by far one of the best designed controllers to ever hit the market.
      It feels perfect unlike any of the controllers since that feel like they were made for children.

      I'll probably get one as I have pretty big hands. I can pick up basketballs single handed.

    I'm not sure how they incorporate bumpers on that thing. But hey all the power to them.

      They don’t, I believe black and white became LB and RB

        Uh makes sense, don't mind me I am a pleb.

          It would make most modern games so hard to play with that button layout ??‍♂️

            Yeah imagine playing a FPS, where usually bumpers are shoot or grenade. That should make it interesting.

        Fitting, since Black and White turned into LB and RB back in the day :P

    interesting, I might have to get my oversized hands on one of these.

    When did they start calling it the Duke?
    We always called it the Fat Controller for obvious reasons.

    Always find it really interesting how diverse people's tastes are with controllers. My friend has always sworn by the duke and reckons Halo hasn't been the same since - no doubt he will be excited at this fact. Me? Not so much, I'll stick with my elite - I'd have to hold/try one again to see whether I prefer it to the PS4 pad though (which i've never been a fan of).

    WOOT! For someone who has freaking ape arms and large hands, the Duke was just fucking comfortable for me to use back when i could actually play with a controller. the PS Controller was and still is way to small and so fucking unconfortable for me to use and the 360 controller while better still is just too small for me.

    I also prefered the oringal megadrive controller to the mega drive 2 controller and the less said about the nes and snes controllers the better

    the dukes were the bomb, its not something im overly proud of - but you can literally strangle someone with the original controller cable to the point of blacking out - without fear of damaging the cord (based on average australian teenager weight.)

    I loved the feel of these monstrosities in my hands. Buttons and crosspad were atrocious.

    Last edited 21/09/17 10:29 pm

    Does it come with the ability to burn CDs onto the console?

    "What's a CD?"

    Good question youngling. CD is an acronym for Compact Disc. In the dark ages you could "burn" a "CD" onto a "console". Is this paragraph too "condescending" for you?

    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

      Not sure that I've ever burnt a CD onto a console. WTF is that even supposed to mean?

        WTF? Why WTF?

        It means you can burn/rip a CD onto the original Xbox.

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