A Quick Tour Of One Of The Best Game Stores On Earth

A Quick Tour Of One Of The Best Game Stores On Earth

The Akihabara branch of Japanese games retailer Super Potato is one of the best game stores on the planet. If you’ve never been, you can do the next best thing and take a tour of it with our features editor Chris Kohler.

Image: Danny Choo

Chris is in Tokyo right now to bring you Tokyo Game Show coverage, which will run from September 21-24. He’ll be teaming up with Brian later in the week for a whole bunch of news, impressions and interviews from the show (and beyond)!


  • I have spent way too much here, every time I go to japan I get a list ready. Remember to check with “Trader” as well but super potato is my home land 😉

      • Depends what you are into/can read. since My level of Japanese reading is low, I aim for games that I either know really well (chrono trigger) or don’t need to read (parodius). Other things to remember is you will need to buy a Japanese console and/or a system that can play any format (luckily potato sells both).

        As far as personal recommendations, the games I usually buy are rare I have spent up to $800aud on a single title, tho it was an unopened collectors edition of a very rare game. So… I guess you can’t go wrong with almost anything on snes and they are normally cheap. Mega man\Mario\any fighting game\parodius. My suggestion would be think of or find a top 100 snes list and then remove any that a heavy text based like rpg’s (unless you are good with Japanese text) and then see whats left that you like or are a good price! As a last suggestion symphony of the night on sega saturn is probably the one I recommend the most as the Japanese saturn version had more content then any other SOTN, but I know that game really well and would be hard with out a walk through if you don’t know what you are doing.

        Also sorry for the late reply =P. Any other questions let me know =D

  • I ended up finding a couple of copies of Shoen Jump Ultimate Stars there at a good price as well as two different sets of Game and Watch book ends. They had so much there, it was amazing.

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