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Fighting games have incorporated stances and custom combinations before, but not quite like Absolver.

The indie title, which came out at the end of last week, is one of the more unusual contributions to the fighting game scene of late. There's only two buttons for attacks: a regular attack, an an alternative. But what attack you actually perform is dictated by your stance at the time, which changes as the player holds the right trigger and moves the right thumbstick around.

Absolver: The Kotaku Review

Adal, the setting for Absolver, is large and untamed, but it fits. Overgrown ruins dot the landscape.

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It's different, to say the least. And so it's not surprising that for all its flaws, Absolver has found an audience on Steam. But after some server launch issues and complaints around the progression system, the game is sitting at a 68% user rating after more than 4300 reviews.

Absolver's 3D fighting system and the intricacy of the deck building mechanics (which dictates your available combinations) have been warmly praised, even amongst negative reviews. The art style, animation and fluidity of the combat have also gone down a treat. The developers also released Oceania servers shortly after launch, which is great for Aussies.

Critics have pointed to an inability to remap all of the keys, an unusually restrictive region locking system, a lack of PvE content, instability, and a progression system that forces players to play online to progress when offline.

Here's what users are saying about Absolver:


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