Alien: Isolation Now Has A Working VR Mod

Mods. Gotta love em’. Reactivating disabled functionality since… er, the 80s? With the arrival of Nibre’s MotherVR, re-enabling virtual reality support in Alien: Isolation, we can very definitely say since 2017.

As VRFocus’ Nina Salomons explains, if you own a copy of Alien: Isolation and either the HTC Vive or Oculus Rift (CV1 and DK2), all you need to do is download and install the mod from GitHub.

VR controllers can’t be used right now, but the regular combination of mouse and keyboard, or an Xbox One gamepad works just fine. Oh, you’ll also need to be seated.

Salomons has a written guide available to get everything running, however, if you prefer a video tutorial, she’s prepared one of those also.

MotherVR [GitHub]


  • Really cool stuff, github has loads of similar mods for loads of games with (IMO) the Doom 3 one i found the most polished and supports motion controllers which brings the immersion to the next level, i was genuinely freaked out with monsters jumping out at me, some are over 6ft tall which isnt really represented well being viewed off a monitor but on a HMD its scary as hell…

    Definitely will be following this one but i reckon i will wait till motion controller support is in so I can really enjoy it

  • So this mid makes it easier to activate the VR? I’m just a little confused since the game already had VR support even before it was out.

    • It only ever worked on a couple of driver revisions part way through the DK2 lifespan. It’s never worked with any consumer release headset before,. The mod takes the original VR support and redirects the driver calls to those of the current Rift or Vive.

      This news is also over a month old.

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