Anubis Zone Of The Enders: MARS Coming To PlayStation 4

Hideo Kojima's classic game Zone of The Enders is getting a remake on a PlayStation 4 with enhanced graphics, 4K support, new sound design and, of course, VR support.

Anubis: Zone of the Enders (known as Zone of the Enders: The 2nd Runner in the West) was first released in Japan in 2003.

Titled Anubis Zone of The Enders: M∀RS, the PS4 release has complete VR support. It's being developed by Konami and Cygames, and it will be released in Japan in autumn 2018.


    Hopefully give them a chance to fix the bullshit control scheme, that was the only thing that let this game down for me

    Does Kojima have any say in this? Or does Konami own all the IP for his games?

      Well its coming out, Kojima wouldn't let it if he had a say, so you take a guess

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