At Least Nyko Is Making A Wireless SNES Controller

At Least Nyko Is Making A Wireless SNES Controller

Nintendo can claim that sticking with wired controllers makes its SNES Classic Edition a more authentic retro gaming experience, but in reality it’s probably just a cost-saving measure. Wrangling controller cables isn’t a part of your childhood worth reliving, however, so Nyko once again has mercifully bestowed gamers with an affordable wireless alternative.

AU Editor’s Note: The Super Miniboss isn’t available in Australia, but Nyko sells its kit on Amazon — we’ll let you know if we see them for sale there in the future.

The $US20 Super Miniboss for the SNES Classic Edition is essentially just a more ergonomically-shaped version of the Miniboss that Nyko released for the NES Classic Edition earlier this year.

We tried its predecessor and while it was easy to set up, with buttons that felt true to Nintendo’s included wired gamepad and a solid 15 hours of battery, we were a little disappointed that the Miniboss couldn’t be used as a wireless controller for other devices.

But the $US20 price tag made up for that. It’s a relatively affordable way to upgrade both of the NES Classic Edition’s bundled controllers, and it’s likely that the Super Miniboss will wind up being an equally worthwhile upgrade for the SNES Classic Edition. We just wish that Nyko would sell them in a slightly discounted two-pack, because who’s going to buy just one?



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