Aussie PUBG Fan Film Is Too Real

Nothing epitomises PUBG more than being saved by a measly pan.

Jake Dobbie, an Aussie working in the local visual effects industry, has put together a live action short based on the typical PUBG experience.

It's full of all the things you'd expect: flying punches, people who can't aim for crap, dudes running around shirtless, and looting clothes and jackets off other people.

There's no cringey dialogue or dank memes in the short, either, and runs for just over three minutes long. Sadly, no limited mini skirts were worn in the making of this film.

Dobbie works for Full Steam Films, and you can view their other work on YouTube.


      Yeah, that one is really, really well done. Love it.

      You're comparing two drastically different videos though. Corridor can produce films with higher production value because they have a dedicated YouTube channel with 4.4mil subs and lots of YouTube revenue to produce whatever and with whoever they want whereas, this is small Australian film company that just started out and is probably just experimenting with creative techniques.

        "Better" doesn't need to take budget into into account. Both videos only cost me time to watch, and only the Corridor's one was actually worth it. Kudos to Australian YouTubers for getting out there sure, but there's no denying that it's not as good. Hopefully they'll keep making videos and get better.

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