Aussie Smashes Point Blank World Record, Starts Local Rivalry

Most people enjoyed a game of Point Blank back in the day. But however good you think you are, you probably can't hold a candle to Aussie gamer Jackson Smith, who recently smashed the world record for Point Blank.

The previous world record, held by fellow Aussie Tyson Hargreaves, was a respectable 201,851. Point Blank doesn't have the most competitive roster, according to the official Twin Galaxies leaderboard.

But you've got to be in it to win it, and it's safe to say most people can't get through a session with Smith's level of accuracy. For reference, no continues are allowed, and as you'd expect, this is all on the Beginner* set of stages.

In a message to Kotaku, Smith explained that he's capable of even higher scores. Point Blank also has a touch of randomness: if you don't get the right chest during the bonus stage, you could be forced to restart the whole run.

"The main luck element is the bonus stage in the middle," he said. "There are 4 chests and if you don't get the one with the heart and coins then you miss out on the necessary points needed to achieve a high score. So 1 in 4 chance of getting what you need otherwise you wipe and restart."

The record is likely to start a little rivalry, which is always good for world records. Hargreaves often plays at the Netherworld bar in Queensland, and the bar's official Facebook page put out a neat post on Saturday congratulating Smith on his new record:

Someone in the Facebook comments posted that they had a high score around 208,000 back in the day, so hopefully this brings a few extra competitors out of the woodwork.

For all those who burned a gold coin or three on Point Blank in the day, what was your highest score?

Update: The score was set on the Beginner set, which includes 4 Very Hard stages. Thanks to Jackson for clearing that up!


    I played a lot of Point Blank back in the day when TimeZone was still in Brisbane but I never really played Very Hard, just Normal. Can't actually remember what my highest score was but I was usually near the top of the roster.

    On the topic of the bonus chests, I'm pretty sure the chest with the coins and heart falls slightly faster than the others.

    My brother and I would have been damn close to this guy's level of accuracy (falling leaf on very hard was one of our favourites). We had a lot of top scores in the Time Zones around the Sydney Eastern Suburbs in '98 and '99, and would sometimes run into rivals and battle over the top score. I doubt we ever cracked 200k on those arcades, though.

    We eventually got the Playstation version, and played a lot less at arcades (by 2000 most had disappeared anyway). Since you're basically fighting over targets (and therefore points) in 2 player mode, our skill level shot through the roof, to the point where we would play all very hard/insane for 2 player. We would also shoot for the highest scores in single player, and i believe we were able to crack 200k for beginner on console.

    Does anyone know of any Point Blank machines still working around Sydney Metro? Only one I've found in the last few years is at the Bank in Newtown, where I almost never go :(

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