Battlegrounds’ New Town Hides Great Loot Around Cramped Corners

Battlegrounds’ New Town Hides Great Loot Around Cramped Corners

As part of the game’s September update, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds placed a new town on its large, murderous island. Kameshki’s remote location might leave you scrambling to run to the playzone but the collection of loot you can find makes it a tempting detour.

Among the town’s residential houses and small cargo depot is a surprising variety of weapons, from basic pistols and shotguns to assault rifles. In my numerous drops into Kameshki, I found a conspicuously high number of scopes and optics as well. The most surprising discovery I found was a nearly consistent Tommy Gun spawn. This rare weapon is usually limited to supply crates but can now spawn naturally on the island as part of the new update. While it is hard to say whether or not Kameshki is a guaranteed spawn-point for the gun, I managed to snag it at least twice and saw many other players scurrying about like 1920’s gangsters.

Battlegrounds’ New Town Hides Great Loot Around Cramped Corners

The promise of good gear might make it tempting to prioritise Kameshki as a dropzone, but it suffers from a severe geographical disadvantage. It is among one of the most northerly points on the island, and the mountainous region that holds both it and the outpost of Stalber tend to fall outside of the playzone. A junkyard and petrol-station near the southern end of town occasionally spawn vehicles, but landing in Kameshki often means risking a long, open hike toward the playzone.

The newness of the area still draws a lot of curious players. Kameshki itself is relatively small compared to other coastal towns such as Lipovka or Severny and the result, at least for now, is that drops quickly devolve into absolute chaos. Kameshki is extremely cramped, and with so many intrigued players, players will have to exercise the type of caution usually left for major cities.

Battlegrounds’ New Town Hides Great Loot Around Cramped Corners

Northern drops are always a bit tricky in Battlegrounds, but Kameshki’s robust loot table offers plenty of goodies to kit out a squad. The remote location is a bit of a pain, as are the numerous players eager to check out the game’s latest town, but if you can tough it out, it might be a good idea to take a trip there on your next drop.

Kameshki is currently found only on the game’s test server but will be coming to the main game later this month.


  • Since its on the Test server and the Tommy gun is newly supporting attachments and had some tweaks it is entirely possible the drop rate has been buffed to gather more data on any potential bugs, that or RNG.

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