Because Why Not Play Destiny 2 With Bananas

GIF: Twitch (TheSuperScrubs)

Because Destiny 2 apparently isn't hard enough, one streamer decided to remap all the controls to bananas. Actual bananas.

It's not the first time fruit or bits of food have been used as a quirky input method. But using, say, a single baguette, is a hell of a lot more practical than 16 bananas, which streamer The SuperScrubs has wired up for each individual button and movement direction in Destiny 2.

Because you can't really move and aim at the same time, the game becomes a bit like a turn-based strategy: move to a spot, wait for the enemy to get into the reticule, push the relevant banana to fire, and repeat.

SuperScrubs' plan is to beat the entirety of Destiny 2's story with this potassium powered input method. In fairness, it's not the first time he's harvested the earth for video games: he's previously wired up bananas to play Dark Souls 3, and Street Fighter V.

Destiny should be a mite more forgiving than either of those games, although it'd be interesting to see Crucible matches Donkey Kong-style. I doubt the end result would be particularly effective on the scoreboard, but then it's staggering how people finish these games under such absurd conditions in the first place.


    This is a lot more interesting than the Baguette one which was just controller parts embedded in baked goods. It looks like he's using Makey Makey to create connections when he touches the bananas which would then be interpreted as inputs.

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