Breath Of The Wild Gives Players Free Eggs, Promptly Smashes Them

Nintendo has been giving Breath of the Wild players free items for reading the Switch's news feed. It's a little broken.

On August 9, Nintendo started giving Breath of the Wild players free items for reading tips posts in the news feed. If you opened the game through a link in a post about boomerangs, say, you'd receive a free boomerang. So far the free items have been pretty basic stuff that most players can pick up easily, and the tips are geared towards newer players rather than seasoned Zelda experts. Pretty much par for the course — Nintendo probably wasn't going to give everyone free Master Swords just for reading a blog.

The most recent tip was about eggs. If you go in a hot spring with an egg, you'll cook it. Neat! The post then offered up some free eggs, but it told players to go "somewhere safe" because eggs are fragile. Here's what happens if you don't heed this advice:

All items spawn from the sky, so eggs just break on impact. I was deep in Akala during the middle of a thunderstorm when this happened, and I figured hey, why not move from this craggy rock to that soft-looking grass over yonder and try again?

No dice.

Some people have pointed out that the eggs won't break if you spawn them over water because they float. I tried to get my eggs by wading into a pond and then saving the game. When I loaded the game from the tips post, I was instead on the shore and two of the three of eggs broke on the ground. The third landed in the water, shell intact.

By the way, don't eat eggs that float in real life — they're probably rotten.

I could journey near and far to try to figure out what Nintendo means by a "safe place" to receive these free eggs. Or I could just buy some. Think I'm going with the latter.


    I play with the HUD turned off and find those images disturbing!

      Yeah, turned the HUD off early on, it's great with it off. I didn't even realise there was a counter next to your abilities until my wife got to that point. That's the only thing that would be sort of handy to have.

        Yeah, I'll agree with that. Although I do like the sudden yelling (in Japanese) to let me know my abilities have recharged coming out of nowhere

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