Coca-Cola Coffee Is Coming To Australia

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Japan got it first. And as of this week, Australians will finally get their hands on a popular form of cold caffeine: Coca-Cola's coffee flavour.

As reported by Brian recently, Coca-Cola Plus Coffee launched in Japan as a vending machine exclusive. Over there, each can was 190mL with 34mg of caffeine, which is about the third of what most people would have in a regular cup.

Coca-Cola Coffee Released In Japan

It's called Coca-Cola Coffee Plus, and it has fifty per cent more caffeine and fifty per cent fewer calories.

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Australians are getting a slightly different version, however. From today, a limited run of Coca-Cola Plus Coffee No Sugar will be available. There's 35mg of caffeine in every 250mL can, according to Coca-Cola, which probably helps if you're drinking Coke because you really don't like coffee.

Coca-Cola Plus Coffee No Sugar will only be available throughout summer, which hasn't actually started yet. But hey, I'm not complaining. I could use less ice coffees, anyway. We'll have some delivered to the office tomorrow, and we'll taste test it live on Facebook, so tune in if you want to see Serrels gag live.


    Coca-Cola wants to go down swinging lol

    It's like a drowning man clinging on to anything to stay afloat

    Yep, next there will be coke with vegemite or coke flavoured smokes.

      Don't tease me! Vegemite Coke has to happen!!!

    I rarely drink coke, but vanilla coke goes down a treat when nursing a hangover. I'll probably try this flavour once and then never again

    Pfft, who cares about calories when their teeth are slowing eroding?

    All they need to do is bring Coca Cola Cherry Zero to Australia.

    Wonder if it tastes anything like Nexba Brunettes. If it does im stocking up!

      Likewise, for the same reason. The coffee notes were also why I loved the now gone-forever "V Black"

    Like I said in the Japan article, I'm down to give this a try. I'm not a cola fan in general but I do like some of the novelty flavours they've tried over the years (vanilla coke is great).

    Last edited 26/09/17 2:53 pm

    In the states about 10 years ago they already had this and it was branded Blak or Blaq, I can't quite remember.

    Chase a coffee with some Coca Cola, it's not a bad combo

    "Coca-Cola Plus Coffee No Sugar" is a sentence that gets worse as it goes on.

    Milo flavoured coffee

    Milo flavoured coca cola

    Tried some a couple of weeks ago, in a very small plastic bottle, like 200ml or so. Tasted normal for the first half, the last half had the coffee taste. Tasted like those little coffee lollies. It wasn't pleasant, would not consume again.

    My girlfriend said it tasted like Chicos. She is a dirty liar.

    Tasted it last night & was awful.

    It needed a less bitter aftertaste & more Coke flavour to it.

    Used to love drinking Kaluha & Coke back in the day, so felt that it needed to be more like that.

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