Coca-Cola Coffee Released In Japan

Coca-Cola Coffee Released In Japan

[Image: ryuurubusaiyasu | Shin-Shouhin via Get News]

It’s called Coca-Cola Coffee Plus, and it has fifty per cent more caffeine and fifty per cent fewer calories.

According to Shin-Shouhin (via Get News), Coca-Cola Coffee Plus is a vending machine exclusive in Japan.

Each 190ml can has 34mg of caffeine and only 42 calories. The coffee comes in the form of extract powder.

This kind of thing isn’t a first for Coca-Cola, which previously released Coca-Cola BlāK in Europe and the United States.

Shin-Shouhin says the drink doesn’t smell like coke, nor does it smell like coffee. The aroma is described as “curious” or “odd.”

Shin-Shouhin writes, “To be frank, it’s not a very delicious aroma.” The initial taste, Shin-Shouhin continues, is cola-like, but the aftertaste is coffee. The total sensation, the site adds, isn’t one of harmony.

“I didn’t think it tasted good, but it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be,” Shin-Shouhin writes, adding that different people respond to different flavours.

That explains why a writer for ASCII Gourmet digs the drink, saying he quite liked it.


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