Community Review: Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite

It's been a while since we were graced with a new Marvel vs Capcom game. So it only makes sense for this week's Community Review to check in on how Infinite is doing.

Infinite's success will depend on its longevity. It'll take a month or so for the meta to settle and the community to just generally figure the game out, and by then we'll have a better idea of how MvC will sit in the grand scheme of things.

From our side of things, it's much as expected. The story mode was never going to match Injustice or Mortal Kombat in terms of quality, and Mikey found that the game probably would have been better without it. But the multiplayer battles are fun, even if you're losing, which is what matters most.

Marvel Vs. Capcom Infinite Could Do Without Story Mode

Marvel Vs. Capcom Infinite arrives this week, bringing a revamped two-character tag-team battle system and cinematic storytelling to the long-running crossover series. The fighting is a blast. The storytelling could use some work.

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Win Or Lose, Marvel Vs. Capcom Infinite Multiplayer Battles Are A Good Time

The story side of Marvel Vs. Capcom Infinite stumbles in trying to achieve a semblance of order amidst the clashing of discordant fictional worlds, but the multiplayer action is just as intense and chaotic as it's ever been, with spectacular battles that are enjoyable no matter which side comes out on top.

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The biggest change is the adjustment to 2v2, instead of the 3v3 teams in MvC 3. There's also separate punch and kick buttons (reminiscent of MvC2) that, coupled with mechanics like the proximity guard, should provide plenty of nuance for players to meddle with.

That's just the surface of the changes, though. For those who have gone in deep on Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite, how have you found the game?


    I like the fact that they have gone back to seperate punch and kick buttons. The 2vs2 doesn't bother me that much.

    However I am overall disappointed with this game. It feels unfinished and not polished at all. It may get better with some patches in the coming months and the DLC character's getting unlocked.

    I actually went back and played some mvsc2 for the first time in quite a while.

    Mechanically the game is great, a super solid fighter that lives up to the "Marvel Vs" name with how nuts it can get.

    The "Tag anytime" system lets you do some crazy shit, and i actually don't mind losing assists for the more streamlined stone system.

    The story mode was fine, nothing great, but had some fun moments.

    What can't be ignored is the terrible presentation and roster, which is awful. wish they gave it a bit more time in the oven to add some more new characters and touched up some of the models.

    It plays REALLY nice, I love the new moves for the legacy characters, and the mechanics are great.
    It is just a SHAMEFULLY gross looking game. It looks like homebrew.
    Also, odd character choices. Spencer? No X-Men? Could have been amazing as a release, instead it's whatever the inversion of a polished turd is.

    Also DLC content ruins fighters. Incomplete games don't retain a mighty legacy like their forebears.

    Tries to be Marvel vs Capcom 2, but a million times slower and easier to exploit. Plus a $45 DLC pass is once again a bad idea.

    story mode was fun not great fun but fun. i buy these games for the online aspect but i'll be dammed if i can find a match, taking it back to the store to get overwatch

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