Cosplay Roofing Service Begins In Japan

For a limited time only, a Japanese roofing company has started a new cosplayer service for customers.

[Images: Biglobe News]

Nara-based roofing company Mori Kenchiku Bankinkogyo is rolling out an "On the Roof Cosplay Counter-Plan Service" for customer consultation. The company wonders if this is the first of its kind in the world.

I think that's a safe assumption.

[Image: moribankin]

[Image: moribankin]

The cosplayers won't be mending roofs (they will leave that to the pros), but according to Biglobe News, they will be getting up on the roofs to help take some of the anxiety customers reportedly have about free consultations for fixing leaks or renovation.

Apparently, that is a problem for some, who would like a more informal consultation. Who knew?

[Image: moribankin]

[Image: moribankin]

[Image: moribankin]

The free service is limited only to 10 customers. First come, first served.


    Nope, last time I scaled a roof with weapons, the police came and screamed at me.
    Put down the weapon! Climb down from that poor family's roof! Put on some damn clothes!

      Admittedly, you were belting out at the top of your lungs the song that never ends, while tap dancing on a metal roof at 4 in the morning...anyone would have been a bit peeved.

    Dear Brian,
    Weeb less!
    Yours sincerely, Parrot

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