Destiny 2's Tribute To Veteran Players Is Just Lovely

Destiny 2 doesn't let players carry over any of the gear or progress they earned in the first game. It's a bitter pill, perhaps, but it goes down smoother thanks to the lovely way Bungie acknowledges those of us who've been there from the start.

Image: Bungie/Destiny 2

When you start up Destiny 2 after having played the first game, you aren't immediately greeted with a cutscene depicting Dominus Ghaul's attack on the Tower. Instead, you get a series of illustrations recounting your major victories from the first game.

If you're anything like me, you didn't really understand how cool it was until the second or third one, when you looked at the names in the corner. Then you realised the game kept track of the friends who were by your side and has put them into the illustration with you.

I've seen messages like that all over Twitter for the last 24 hours. What better way to celebrate your Destiny achievements than with the people you shared them with? My favourite is from when Jason, our buddy Todd and I finally made it to the Lighthouse:

After the memories montage is over, you get a shot of a bunch of Guardians standing beneath the Traveller. "Press X to start a new adventure," reads the prompt. My inner cynic rolled his eyes, but mostly I just laughed. OK, ok. Well done.

It's easy for a game to trade on nostalgia when many of its players are already three years into their relationship with it, and Bungie also gave legacy players like me a few commemorative emblems that we can assign to our characters if we want. I've already forgotten what most of them mean.

Cosmetic items are nice and all, but turns out a well-curated stroll down memory lane was all I really needed.


    Well I glad I chose to move to PC then, I played destiny 1 99% sooo so I'm not gonna get much out of this.

    Now that I've convinced my PC playing friends to get it I'll be able to get more into the social aspect now so that's gonna be nice.

      Same, i played all solo, so this montage would've been pretty sad looking.
      Now i just need to convince some friends to play on PC so i can actually do raids and shit this time

    My best mate was let down his copy of D2 didn't arrive in the mail so he watched me play last night. We got to share my trip down memory lane as everything in my highlights reel featured him aswell. It was a really nice touch on how to sign off a game and start a new adventure afresh!

      Sucks he didn't get to play. But thats actually cool, you both being there seeing it together.

    Veteran players that didn't get bored and drop out in the first few weeks, you mean?

      Or who got fucked out of their veteran rewards on TTK launch, then ignored by Bungie ever after.


      "Playing for a few weeks" doesn't actually qualify you as a veteran Destiny player. ;)

      wouldnt really be veterans then would they? would've only played like a quarter of the game if they dropped out that early

        Does if you use the "Been there from the beginning" part.

        Fuck, I was there when Bungie were making Pathways Into Darkness and Minotaur. Destiny should have been right in my wheelhouse. It just wasn't.

        But I guess it's fair that they should apologize to the people that put up with their lack of content, lack of direction and apparently lack of any clue what they had or what they wanted to do with it for years.

          True, but with "been there form the beginning" i think it would at least be implied to mean "been there from the beginning, and still there, not bailing after a week or two"

          I used to be a bungie fanboy until halo reach (that fucking so intensely with the canon of the book pissed me off royally, especially when that book is the best part of the halo canon), then when i heard how short destiny was i stayed away.

          Yeah, i cant imagine playing it from the start with all its problems, i only got it when 'the collection' came out, for $50 i got all 3 years of stuff so i'm nicer to them than i would normally be because for that $50 i got a massive amount of playtime.

      there should be one for all whiny quiters, with a special bonus ones for those who STILL complain three years later. I mean paying money for a game and enjoying is nothing compared to those who manage to hold a grudge for that long and still cant help themselves, that takes real commitment. Grin.

    The main memory that stood out for myself was the raid fromThe Taken King expansion. I was the only Warlock accompanied by five Titans. Yet, I was the solar powered point man running with the Claws of Ahamkara and a Tlaloc while being backed up with five Ward of Dawn bubbles rotating Blessing or Weapons of Light. Oryx didn't have a chance.

    Yet, I never made it to The Lighthouse and to this day, I still don't care.

    And they're denying this to the veterans who aren't specifically sticking to the same platform that they were on for Destiny.. thanks for the PC gamer love guys..

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