Doom And Wolfenstein 2 Are Coming To Switch

Doom And Wolfenstein 2 Are Coming To Switch

Hope you like the idea of taking Bethesda games with you on the go, Switch owners.

During today’s Direct event, Nintendo announced that portable versions of two their biggest games would make their way to the hybrid console. Soon, you’ll be able to kill Nazis on the train, and fight back against the forces of hell in the middle of a party. #JustSwitchThings

Doom will drop this holiday, and Wolfenstein 2 releases next year. Oh, and also: Skyrim will be available on November 17 of this year.


  • Well I won’t be playing Doom because it’s an R 18+ game containing high impact violence blood and gore but I am looking forward to Wolfenstein II The New Colossus in fighting back against the Nazis when it’s comes to Nintendo Switch early next year so I am looking forward that. Thank you Bethesda for providing the information for me and I’m looking forward to playing Wolfenstein II The New Colossus on Nintendo Switch.

  • Fantastic news!!! Of course Wolf2 coming out next year is a bit of a bummer as I’d have played it by then on the ps4pro, but good news nonetheless.

    • I imagine that’d be a pipeline/tech issue. No reason New Order couldn’t come over if they can find a way to make Wolfie 2 work.

      • Not necessarily. Wolfenstein 2 is being developed on ID Tech 6, which to my understanding is a lot easier on hardware than the original Wolfenstein which used ID Tech 5 (same reason that Dishonored 2 was very demanding) . I’m presuming that both games will run @ 30 fps, and I’m assuming there will be visual compromises made in order to scale down for the Switch.

        • Not that kind of tech, but more a case of having the techs (engineers artists etc) already deployed on Wolfie 2 and not being able to move them onto another project until that’s finalised kind of thing. Less tools and more human resources, I guess. But iD could have already been setup to accommodate that. That’s stuff only people inside the studio would know for sure.

  • This is great news, and unlike reddit, I’m yet to see any hur hur it’ll look like shit – PCMR 1000 fps – but doom is so old now – I’m a freaking killjoy comments. Neat.

      • Oh that’s the thing innit, both methods of play are equally valid, and to many equally enjoyable, some people just like to shit on others fun.
        I find there’s a weird dichotomy of opinions when it comes to switch….people either think it’s trash or they love it , and won’t recognise it’s flaws. I sit in the middle. It has its pros and (joy)cons. It’s Internet limitations are a real thing, but as nobody I know really likes Nintendo anymore enough to buy one, they don’t really affect me in terms of playing online. On the other side of the coin…downloading and starting botw’s dlc in the span of like 15 minutes is a fucking revelation ha

        • Man, I fucking hate the Switch. It’s a shitty pile of garbage decisions that hamper its viability of being good at any one thing by trying to be a billion different things at once. But I’m terribly addicted to Splatoon so I just have to deal 😛 Also there’s the Nintendo fanboy side of things I guess >.>

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