Evangelion Creator Now Selling Hondas 

How often do you see an anime creator in a car commercial? Even in Japan, not often! Evangelion creator Hideaki Anno is featured in a new Honda ad, even doing some of the narration.

[Image: Honda]

Besides Evangelion, Anno makes live-action films, and most recently he directed Godzilla Resurgence. He also does voice acting, voicing the father in classic studio Ghibli film My Neighbour Totoro as well as in the excellent The Wind Also Rises.

As far as Japanese commercials go, this one is more politically charged than usual, with Anno driving by a group of peace protesters. The theme of the spot is Honda telling people to get out to a place with a good outlook or view. 

Oh, and to buy the new Civic. There's that. 


    Come on Brian, you know that Japanese have no plurals! 1 Honda, 2 Honda, there is no such thing as Hondas. That's why it's "Seven Samurai" and not "Seven Samurais".

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