Evangelion Joggers Are Surprisingly Tasteful

There's an official Evangelion x New Balance line of joggers coming out in Japan and China this weekend.

There will be four colours available, each in a very subtle scheme, while they will also come in nice padded zip-up boxes that feature Evangelion imagery.

They will go on sale for around $126. More pics at Hypebeast.


    Without the green what's the point?

      Without the red what's the point?

        They even had Asuka wearing red ones in the imagery released :(

    They just look like dull coloured regular shmegular NB sneakers with an Evangelion badge? Awww shutup and take my money!

      dont forget about the nice padded zip-up box that feature Evangelion imagery which makes every shoe experience complete!

    At least at that price you're also guaranteed to receive a Shinji sized serving of self-loathing.

    I haven't owned a pair of runners in like a decade... I would own these just for shits and giggles. May even get me to go hiking more lol.

      You wouldn't want to hike in them; regular walking though then sure have at thee.

        Yeah sorry, I was definitely more alluding to casual bush walking on a weekend morning sort of thing.

    I like the colourways, I would get them regardless of the Evangelion connection. I would also get them if I had the $$$ :(

    You can probably fine some neon green laces for $10 to spruce them up a bit.

      Thats actually a good idea, because without some green these dont even look slightly EVA related

    *Almost* made me forget that 4.44 STILL isn't done! Slick kicks but.

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