Everything Mario Can Possess In Super Mario Odyssey (So Far)

Taking over stuff in Super Mario Odyssey is already crazy enough. But if you want to know everything that Mario can transform into so far, here's a neat video.

Because the internet loves to compile this stuff, YouTuber Master0fHyrule has put together a supercut showing everything Mario can take over.

Dinosaurs. Christmas trees. Weird plants. Cars. Goombas. People. Manhole covers. Rockets?


Weird stone-like statues.

Actual letters.

The full video is below.

This game is going to be bonkers.


    I've seen the Nintendo Direct yesterday morning and I've already seen what Mario can turn into Goombas, Chef Bro, Fire Bro, Winged Goomba, Godzilla a flying lizard that can fly, an actual letter, a snowball, and hell he can even turn himself into a statue a person a taxi a military tank and he even turns himself into the beanstalk enemy. Master of Hyrule this game Super Mario Odyssey coming out for Nintendo Switch next month is going to be crazy and absolutely insane for me I'm definitely going to pack my bags and get ready for a new Mario adventure meaning Super Mario Odyssey is going to be a great game and I think I will rate Super Mario Odyssey a 10/10 when it comes out next month.

    Mario was possessed right at the start by a parasite, then everything that happened after was a dream to keep him compliant.

    He's still in the fungus!

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