Everything You Need To Know About The iPhone X

Everything You Need To Know About The iPhone X

Image: Apple

It’s official, Apple’s 10th anniversary iPhone is finally here and it’s called the iPhone X. Apple seems to be pulling out the big guns for this on, calling it the future of smartphones and even if you just go by looks alone, the iPhone X is taking Apple’s handsets to a whole new level. Its bezels have basically have been eliminated, its screen is bigger and its even got a glass back, something we haven’t seen since the iPhone 5s.

The iPhone X will be available in space grey and silver, and like previous iPhones, it’s both dust and water resistant. The iPhone X even has a 15cm display that Apple is calling its Super Retina Display.

For those of you who don’t often take a look outside of Cupertino’s walled garden, the iPhone X not only improves on previous iPhones, it also closes the gap even further between Apple’s phones and flagship Android devices thanks to new features such as wireless charging, facial recognition and a stunning OLED display.

After 10 years, the iPhone X is kicking off a whole new era for Apple devices.

Design: A massive screen and a return to glass


Sporting an OLED panel instead of an LCD like on previous Apple handsets, the iPhone X’s Super Retina Display is not only super colourful, it also has great contrast and has a higher 2436 x 1125 resolution than ever before.

Then there’s the iPhone X’s early bezel-less design, which lets Apple pack a high-res 15cm display into a body that’s smaller and more compact than the 15cm iPhone 8.

Around the outside of the screen on what’s left of the tiny bezels that Apple couldn’t eliminate, are tiny black borders that helps blur where the screen ends and the rest of the phone begins.

Some iPhone loyalists make take exception to the tiny cutout at the top of the screen where it bends around the X’s earpiece, but I think it’s a refreshing new design direction that simply lets the iPhone get the most out of its front real estate.

In back, the iPhone X also heralds the return of glass, which we haven’t seen since the iPhone 5s.

Specs and features: Where’s my home button?

On the performance side, Apple’s new A11 Bionic chip could blow even the best Android phones out of the water thanks to a new six-core architecture that features two cores for heavy lifting, along with another four cores for improved energy efficiency.

Then again, iPhones have never been a slouch in the speed department, so we’ll need some in-depth hands-on time to see if the A11’s increase in performance is actually noticeable.

Even the addition of wireless charging is a big deal. Not only is it the first time Apple has included it on an iPhone, it’s a nod the the future and a boon to everyday usability. And with the success of Apple’s AirPods, it’s not inconceivable that an iPhone X could now go its entire lifetime without ever being plugged into to anything or having anything plugged into it.

It also goes without saying that Apple didn’t bring back the headphone jack, although the Lightning port can still be found down bottom.

By this point, some of you may be wondering where the Apple’s traditional home button is. The answer is that it’s gone, killed in part by the X’s bezel-less design, which leaves no room for a TouchID sensor below the screen.

But don’t get too sad, because despite being the first iPhone without a home button, Apple has included new 3D facial recognition tech called FaceID which can unlock the phone just by seeing your face. And unlike similar setups on other phones, Apple’s face-scanning tech uses multi-point infrared sensors to ensure that a simple photo of your face won’t grant access to someone shady.

In fact, Apple says there’s just a 1-in-a-million chance that its FaceID sensor will be fooled by someone else mug, and the system is so smart, it can even tell when you are looking directly at it, or just in its direction.

Cameras: Apple’s Dual Cameras Get Even Better

Around back, like the iPhone 8 Plus,the iPhone X will also sport dual rear cameras. This will allow for a true 2x optical zoom along with Apple’s new beta Portrait Lighting photo mode, which creates a depth map to separate the subject from the background and then adjusts the lighting for between foreground and midground to get the best results, all in real time.

Animoji: WTF are these


Apparently old-school, non-moving emojis aren’t good enough anymore, so Apple is upping its game with new animated emojis, or Animjois that will really bring your messages to life.

Price and availability

The only real questions now are how much will this thing cost and when will it be available? Stay tuned for more updates as Apple’s iPhone event continues.


  • The ability for people to lose their shit over a phone will never cease to amaze me. “It’s slightly more this, a little more that”, “It’s a slightly different piece of metal for you to upgrade unnecessarily by giving us 1000% of the phone’s actual worth in money”.

    • Absolutely agree. I need a new phone, so I’ll probably settle for an 8 (Using a 5 atm), but there is NOTHING in the Ten (I refuse to call it the X) that makes me what it. I can already tell that the face camera + Swipe mechanic is going to be a huge pain in the ass. I’ll stick with fingerprint scanning (If that decides to work).

    • I agree. I love gadgets and technology, but not to the point where I’ll camp outside of a store for a week before the device’s release. Some wankers also make fun of others because of the phone they choose to buy or can afford, “You have an Apple? You’re a sheep.” “You have an Android? What a hipster.” etc.

      I know smart phones have forever changed the world (for better or worst) but I love my Dad’s quote in regards to his phone (he has a second hand HTC Desire),

      “I ring people up when I want something.”

  • No head phone jack.

    Well you have finally driven me to android, I hate this.

    Not everyone uses their head phones for brief listening, stop trying to force wireless bullshit on us, the tech isn’t ready.

    • Welcome – we’d love to have you on on board! Been using Android for many years and whilst I can agree that the days of yore were not the most pleasant or stable experience, Android is such a great operating system now.

      Allow me to indulge. I have owned:
      iPhone 3G
      iPhone 4
      Galaxy S2
      Galaxy Note
      Galaxy S4
      HTC One M8
      Galaxy Note 4
      Xperia Z Ultra
      Samsung ATIV S (Windows Phone)
      Galaxy Note 5
      iPhone 5
      Nexus 6P
      Galaxy S8+

      I really do recommend the Galaxy S8+. I had become somewhat disenchanted with Samsung over the years but often came back to give them another shot. The S8/S8+ FINALLY has a custom version of Android that really doesn’t intrude on the stock Android experience too much (I just came off the back of running a Nexus 6P so I’m very familiar with stock Android).

      Build quality is superb; screen is stunning; snappy performance with VERY few issues software-wise; excellent camera; beautiful aesthetic design.
      The only criticisms I could honestly hold to it is the fragility of the device (front and back glass); battery isn’t bad, but it certainly isn’t market leading; loudspeaker quality and volume isn’t the greatest.

      tl;dr: You’ll like Android. Samsung is actually good now. The headphone jack works perfectly.

      • Intriguing…

        I tried with g3 and it was a not good experience. Then I tried with the g5 and it was a very not good experience. The Samsung / Android “they really customisable master pokemon catch em all” where I found that most custom apps would bloat or run background adds or just lag the phone in general. Even listening to music the phone would lag changing songs.

        In both phones I had major battery issues and the big point you raised “custom version of Android”. Would love to know about their support of it. I found with Apple that they release new IOS it works on old devices (to a point). With the galaxies i.e. new health mode, better camera apps etc “oh that propriety software will only work on the new phone though, last years you are outta luck jabroni, so yolo say no no”.

        Curious to how the Samsung phones work, Apple works great for me right now, but costs are getting out of hand. I was looking at the 8 as an upgrade, the X screen size is to big to fit into jeans or chinos for a good drinking session.

  • Wonder if you could get around the face recog tech by showing the phone a photo of the owner positioned correctly in front of the camera?

    • It said in the article that this won’t work as it uses infrared points. Either to map it out accurately or to cheat and check if it’s 2D.

      • Go check out the Windows Hello testing vs this kind of thing, it’s basically the same thing so they’ll probably be aiming for at least that level of functionality as a standard (Youtube/etc).

        Windows Hello seems robust, although when it was demo’ed at the Ignite conference I went to the stage lights heated up the faces of the demo’ing staff and it worked, but was less reliable – generating false failures though, not false unlocks, so still secure.

        Windows Hello can apparently distinguish between identical twins, would expect that kind of thing to be true here too.

    • My mate just got a Samsung S8 and we were trying that with the photo, didn’t fool it!

      I still would prefer a fingerprint scanner though!

  • It will come down to what it brings with the iOS. So many missed opportunities already and way more expensive than the competitors for what it’s capable of. Here we go again with Giz and Kotaku talking it up without basis. Oh and the last Glass back phone was the 4s not the 5s.

  • pay 1800 bux for corp. to database yo face? are you throwing away all your rights with that purchase too?
    databased face can hook to all your posts and data easy as 1 2 3

    also there are better cameras already out than this and there is better screens too.

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