Facing A Dwindling Playerbase, LawBreakers Dev Switches To Slow And Steady Approach

Facing A Dwindling Playerbase, LawBreakers Dev Switches To Slow And Steady Approach
Image: Boss Key Productions

Boss Key Productions, headed by former Epic designer Cliff Bleszinski, has no plans to abandon LawBreakers any time soon. The developer’s entry into the fast-growing collection of shooters aimed at the esports market had a solid launch, but despite a well-crafted product, has failed to sustain a healthy playerbase. Speaking with GameSpot, Bleszinski admitted that numbers could be better and is now embracing a slow-burn approach to build things up.

As Alex wrote last month, there’s nothing wrong with LawBreakers as a game, but it’s entered into a market dominated by Overwatch and PUBG.

Acknowledging the title hadn’t exploded in terms of pulling players away from other shooters, Bleszinski explained to GameSpot’s Eddie Makuch the developer’s new, long-term approach to beefing up player counts:

“It’s a marathon. Not a sprint … We’re going to keep iterating keep working on it. At the end of the day, I didn’t want to make the exact same archetypes that everybody else did. I wanted to make a game that was first and foremost a shooter for shooter players.”

Bleszinski also wants to take a more moderate approach when communicating about the game and that fact he may have gotten ahead of himself pre-launch:

“We need to do what we can to let people know this is a really sweaty palm type of experience that can hopefully lend itself to eSports. But you know, I have to keep this game alive, first and foremost. I can be very cocky and very brash on social media. And realising that, you know, we have a fledgling player base. It’s been very humbling for me. I’m going to continue to iterate on this game, continue to add to it. And try to be less of a dick, honestly.”

The designer says he’s “the first person to admit when I’m wrong” and Boss Key’s constant flow of updates shows the company’s dedication to the game. He points to LawBreakers strong Steam reviews as proof of commitment.

And fair enough. Best to recognise things need changing up before you lose all momentum — hopefully it works out for Bleszinski.

Cliff Bleszinski On LawBreakers: “I Have To Keep This Game Alive” [GameSpot]


  • Yeah this game is dead. What moron thinks that launching yet another hero shooter was a smart idea? The failure of battleborn should have been a big red flag.

  • The game was “good” but uninteresting. It didn’t have the style or variety in characters and abilities to make it stand out.

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