Fans Remaking Tomb Raider 2 In Unreal Engine 4

Fans Remaking Tomb Raider 2 In Unreal Engine 4

The new Tomb Raider games are great, but sometimes you just want to go back and play the classics. And sometimes you want to go back and play the classics but with very modern visuals.

That’s why Tomb Raider fan Nicobass is leading development on The Dagger of Xian, a complete remake of the second game in the series, only this time built on Unreal Engine 4.

He’s been at it for a while now, but I’m talking about it today because he’s released a playable demo for the project which you can download and try out.

Helping out on Dagger of Xian have been Inna Vjuzhanina (art), Jennifer Milward (Lara’s voice acting), Alexandre Serel (writing) and Dean Kopri (music).


  • Square-enix would be better off if they offered the makers a cool half mill in exchange for the finished product so they can release it themselves.

  • @unitzero I Agree wholeheartedly. Although corporate ‘inteeligence’ says you have to stomp on anyone who dares threaten your copyrights, regardless if it was yours to begin with, or whether you would make money off it. Look at the Space Quest sequel.

  • They’ve okayed it I believe – as long as the guy receives no donations or any financial support.

  • Wow so much effort! It’s always puzzling to me how that much effort is put into something and still insisting on directly basing it on someone else’s copyrighted work without permission, why not re-theme the game make your own creative choices and narrative and use that exact same art, gameplay and code?! They could get a publishing deal and a couple of indie awards relatively easily and no one will send a cease and desist, they can even say it was inspired by classic tomb raider and that’s fine.

  • They should literally pay this guy to release remastered versions of the old ones. BUT instead they will probably send the MIB to his house to put a bullet in his head.

  • Also, my other comment is sitting in mod hell, so:

    I just finished the demo, and wowsers, this is top shit!

    My only qualm would be that if you’re not familiar with the level design, then the ledges and rock faces you traverse perhaps aren’t obvious enough. I made it through most of it OK, but in the bits that my memory failed me, I did fall – a lot, haha. Still, it’s a minor quibble, the checkpoint system is fairly generous, and what’s TR without a little trial and error?

    The rest of it is absolute gold. Wasn’t sure if the visuals were gonna be generic UE4 environments with Lara slapped on, but actually playing the game, I’m glad that isn’t the case. The ambience and mood of the original is captured remarkably well.

    Loved every single trying second 😀

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