Games Done Quick Is Doing Last-Minute Speedruns To Support Houston

Games Done Quick has put together an emergency speedrun event to benefit the victims of Hurricane Harvey.

Harvey Relief Done Quick will stream some of the world's best speedrunners finishing games from Battletoads to Portal to Final Fantasy IV to Fez mightily quick, and you'll have the opportunity to support them by donating money to those in Houston currently dealing with flooding, power issues, and dangerous chemical plants on the verge of explosion. The event will run through the weekend and into the evening on Monday, Aussie time. You can check out the full schedule here.

At the time of writing, the stream hasn't even started yet and already has 7,000 people watching the countdown clock. It's going to be big.

The folks at Games Done Quick have had some success recently, breaking their record for donations with a massive $2.236 million for Doctors Without Borders. That was back in early July, making this new event fairly close to the last one, but unfortunately hurricanes don't abide by the schedules of gaming streams.

Learning from the Twitch community's penchant for doing weird and silly things for subscriptions, there's a bidding system now for you to make strange and amazing things happen by upping your donation.


    It's the worst possible time for the floods in South Asia as thanks to this all the news is concentrated on Houston and frankly ignoring the millions in need

      Lol Americans don't care for others any way. In America's defense, the Houston flood is one of the worst there's been

        They have a weird view of the world that's for sure. Horrific crimes that involve children being fed to pigs and it doesn't even rate the evening news for some reason there

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