Get Free McDonald's Cheeseburgers, Today Only

Today is National Cheeseburger Day. Which sounds ridiculous, because every second Wednesday should be National Cheeseburger Day. However, McDonald's is celebrating by giving away FREE cheeseburgers all day! You know you want this deal. What's the catch?

If you're looking for that one-handed lunch today - this is the deal for you. To redeem, like some of our previous Macca's deals, you have to use the mymacca's app which is available on Android and iOS.

McDonald's have really been pushing this app lately and though it tends to have a hissy fit and crash a little too much it does mean you can order a cheeseburger from practically anywhere in Australia.

Note: This is a one day only deal that ends at midnight tonight and it's limited to the first 100,000 users. You also need to ensure you're purchasing something else from Macca's or you won't be able to redeem the offer.

Okay, so it's not actually 'free' then, but you could just grab a packet of mayonnaise and that'll only set you back a whopping 30 cents. It's genius!

Lastly, you will need to log your order in the app or in store using the app from 1030am onwards. I've been trying to snare a free cheeseburger all morning but haven't had any luck because these bad boys aren't on the breakfast menu.

So now, I patiently wait.


    Paying for sauces is heinous. Ask for them after you have payed. At the drive through, you can do this at both windows for double sauce.

    I also discovered the managers will do a lot to get you happy if you stop at a window with a problem, because you can hold up the line. My problem was $3+$3+$3=$12

      so... i with on the sauce.

      But what on earth are you on about in the rest of the comment?
      You are trying to tell them you can't do math so they give you free stuff to hurry you along?
      What does 3+3+3=12 mean? im baffled

        I ordered a few things. I know how much each thing costs roughly. The total they asked me was quite a bit higher. Dude could not comprehend what the problem was. Manager came over. He could comprehend the problem but was unsure why it was happening. Just removed some stuff from the order (to fix the price) but bagged it anyway. Gotta keep the line of cars moving.

    Swore off McDonald's months ago after that story about maggots in there food.

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