Grow Home Devs Announce ATOMEGA, A Multiplayer FPS


In something that is a massive departure from Grow Home and Grow Up, Ubisoft Reflections has announced ATOMEGA, a multiplayer FPS with a lot of cubes collecting things.

Due out on September 19 (although Steam says the game won't be available until the 20th), Ubi says the game will concentrate on 10 minute matches with up to 8 players, with players getting points the larger their character becomes.

The Steam notes that there are 7 exoforms for players to evolve through, with 10 temporary powerups. Players start as a single cube, evolving into purple dogs before transforming into massive mechs as they acquire more mass.

Update: Amended the headline - Grow Home is made by Fullbright, not Ubisoft Reflections. Apologies for the error.


    Concept reminds of Morphies Law which was just shown in that Nindies Showcase the other week.

    How weird.

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