Grab The Xbox Elite Controller For $40 Off

Grab The Xbox Elite Controller For $40 Off
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If you’re the kind of gamer who’s keen on the Xbox One X later this year, then you should probably have a flash new Xbox Elite controller. And if you’re going to get an Elite pad, you might as well get a discount too.

Rather than going through eBay or some random website, this discount comes direct from Microsoft.

You’ll have to fork out $159.96 for the pad, which is a $40 cut from its usual price. Shipping from the Microsoft Store is free in Australia, and returns are free for 30 days as well.

There’s no word on how long this discount will stick around, so it’s probably best to move quickly if you’ve been holding out for an Elite controller. And for those using a controller on a PC, good news as well: there’s also stock of the new Windows 10 wireless adapter.


  • Just a friendly warning that if you buy it, you can never use the stock controller again!

    The elite is just way too nice to ever go back to the stock. I even bought a second and have it hooked up to my PS4…

  • Gotta warn people the build quality is actually pretty poor on these pads. The bumpers are not spring loaded, they use the flex of the plastic to push in. I have one and 2 of my mates as well and everyone’s bumper is broken, even the grip pad has come off one of them !! Microsoft only give you a 90 day warranty, so you gotta go through the ACCC if you want it replaced after that time. Great feel, poor quality, elite my a**.

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