GTA Online’s Take On Battlegrounds Is Way More Chaotic

GTA Online’s Take On Battlegrounds Is Way More Chaotic

GTA Online’s newest addition, Motor Wars, combines high player counts with dozens of vehicles. The result is a hectic match that is more intense than any other mode in GTA Online.

You and 27 other players parachute into different parts of the GTA Online map. You only have one life, and the map shrinks as you play. The biggest difference between this mode and PUBG is that instead of weapons dotting the map, you will find different armed vehicles.

These cars include pickup trucks with turrets in the back, armoured military jeeps, anti-air machine gun turrets, and more.

The decision to focus on vehicles instead of weapons is a smart one. GTA Online’s gunplay isn’t very precise, but the vehicles handle more impeccably, and are entertaining to boot. Instead of chasing someone with a shotgun, you now speed over hills and shoot at them with big mounted turrets.

For those who wish to stay out of vehicles, or maybe you weren’t able to find transport, the map is also dotted with a few railguns. These powerful weapons can take out most vehicles in a few shots and are extremely accurate.

A crafty player armed with a railgun could catch a large vehicle out in the open and destroy it. That said, being on-foot in a mode filled with dozens of powerful vehicles is not a great way to stay alive long.

GTA Online’s Take On Battlegrounds Is Way More Chaotic

The coolest part of Motor Wars is the player count. This is the largest mode in GTA Online yet, with 28 players driving around the map. That might not sound like much compared to the 100 player matches in PUBG , but trust me, 28 players commandeering large military vehicles is pure chaos and destruction within GTA Online.

Combat in PUBG can be sporadic, scary, and tactical. In GTA Online’s Motor Wars, the combat is more constant. Instead of just finding a nice spot to hunker down and snipe, as you might in PUBG, you’re more likely to blast people with explosives and machine gun fire.

If you’re looking to make the most out of this mode, here are a few quick tips:

Find A Vehicle, Any Vehicle

You might not think much of that small truck with a turret in the back, but if you have no other options, take it. It will protect you, and more importantly, it will get you across the map faster than running.

Be A Driver

A lot of players want to man a turret and shoot shit. If you drive, you won’t be left behind as often and will always find people willing to jump on board.

Pick Up Stragglers

For those unlucky souls who are left behind and forced to run across the map, do them a favour and give them a ride.

Stay Together

As you play Motor Wars, you will see groups of players hanging out together. Join them and destroy anyone who gets in your way. Groups are more likely to prevail against common enemies.


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