Guess Which Nintendo Switch Game Needs 5GB Per Save File?

Guess Which Nintendo Switch Game Needs 5GB Per Save File?
Image: Nintendo

It’s true the Nintendo Switch comes with 32GB of internal storage and the ability to add 2TB via a microSD card. Even so, 5GB is a fair chunk of data you’d rather not have taken up with a single save game. Surely no Switch game needs 5000MB for each save? Guess again.

If you visit Nintendo’s support page for 2K’s NBA 2K18, you’ll find details on how much space is required for downloaded updates and the save files:

Below are the storage space requirements:

  • Initial software download after purchase – 6.8 GB
  • Additional software update – 16.1 GB
  • Save file – 5 GB system memory per save file
Image: 2K

Yes, that’s 5GB per save file, not total. So unless you have external storage, a single profile is about all the device can fit. I think we can safely take the space-gobbler crown from Dragon Quest Heroes and pass it on to NBA 2K18.

It’s hard to say why a game like NBA 2K18 would need 5GB per save. For a game like Skyrim, which — in simple terms — stores the world state when you save, it’s a bit more understandable. I’d be keen to crack one open to find out.

NBA 2K18 Storage Space Information [Nintendo, via Reddit]


  • stores the world state when you save, it’s a bit more understandable

    Not really. It’s mostly data which actually requires very little space. Textures, videos and music is what takes up most of the space, but that’s all stuff that doesn’t have a need to get saved.

    • The world state has to be saved. Which quests you’ve done, which treasures you’ve already collected, stuff you may have left lying about (if it saves that), where you left your horses or whatever else, all the different things you have achieved or changed in the world. The state. Not the actual world, that is what’s on the cart.

    • Don’t fret, it’ll be awhile. It’s still selling like crazy in most of the world, stock supply has only just caught up in the US, Japan still has crazy shortages. The game lineup for Christmas holidays is looking insane, there is going to be no shortage of demand. Depending on when Pokemon hits, it’ll go crazy again so that will further push out a price drop if there hasn’t been one yet.

  • I have 650 down on a project Scorpio at my local eb thinking of switching(no pun intended) it over to a switch, as I really can’t see me using the xbox.

    • Why on earth would you put that sort of money down on a machine you’re not sure if you want?
      Go PS4 it has a far more varied library, not just bro games. Go switch if you want an extremely limited library and many stupid Nintendo design decisions, such as paltry storage.

      • First off I’m a massive console kid I have The PS4 pro(since launch) and own both the PS4 and xbox one(day one edition) I’m kinda a pc guy too(alienware laptop) I just don’t use my xbox but love new tech and I got my tax return I only dropped the money down as I’m a father of 4 and if I held onto it I’d end up spending it on kids(decided to treat myself) but I figured the switch would be fun as I’d have the cash for it with Mario and Mario kart for me and kids and zelda for me I was just throwing it out there to see if it’s worth it that’s all

        • Get the Switch if you want a small library of excellent, friendly Nintendo games and basically nothing else at all.

          Get the Xbox One X if you want the best looking multiplatform games. It’s the only console that’s even remotely close to being able to produce AAA+ games at 4k native resolution.

          You already have a PS4 Pro and a regular Xbox One so if you’re just going for variety get the Switch I guess. If you just want the best visuals get the Xbox One X. The Xbox does have a lot of great exclusives still- it’s just been lacking for the past twelve months. That said, I’ve enjoyed Forza Horizon 3 far, far more than any Sony exclusive lately. Splatoon 2 is great on Switch. I dunno. They’re all good options tbh. People that own all three platforms are so lucky. So many good games to play.

        • @sonyorxbox_fanboy
          Might want to use some of that money to buy yourself some commas and full-stops … just sayin’

          • Does, it, make, you, feel, like, a, big, man, when, you, be, a, cock……..just, saying…..,,,,,….

      • why does people have so much beef with nintendo. i mean sure you dont like em or their decisions, but why bag them so much.

        I have Xbox/Ps4/Switch/PC

        PC is my main platform, but my most used is the switch. Simply because i have more time with it now that i can take it with me places. I love it, sure its not perfect, but its not like i can take my PS4 with me..

    • Don’t listen to the other person. Usually, when I want to buy a console, I follow a simple rule. Is there 5 games on it that I want? Or Is there a game I know I will play for months?
      In my case, it was easy to pick the switch, as I played the first splatoon for a year at least.
      It doesn’t matter what features a console has if there’s no games for you to take advantage of said features.

      • Yeah I just can’t justify it to myself as I have 4k TV but no point if there’s nothing to play that my ps pro can’t or laptop

        • Well, I was rather surprised with the switch, personally. I found a really awesome rhythm that I am really enjoying. Snipperclips is fun, but boy, am I awful at it.
          The charge lasts longer than I thought. I’ve had a slight issue with the locking mechanism of the right joycon, but apparently that is an uncommon occurrence.
          The switch will take some punishment too. A friend of mine dropped his onto the floor and it’s still working.
          Not every game is for kids, but there is a few there. I would suggest looking through the library of games and deciding if it is for you (and the kids)

      • Follow a pretty similar formula myself. 🙂

        I think the Switch has a *long* way to go before I’d consider it worth getting though. Nintendo has dropped the ball on steady releases on the Wii and the Wii U, so I’m wary.

        • That is fair enough. I would probably give it a year to judge. I have found some pretty good indies, personally, but I get where you’re coming from

    • Man that other guy is making me cringe.
      Want a vast library of a shitload of games? Look no further than a gaming desktop.
      Want sony exclusives? Ps4
      Want microsoft exclusives? Xbox
      Want nintento exlusives, triple A titles AND portability? get a switch.

      • not that simple.
        PS4 has numerous Japanese games, which aren’t on the Xbox. Same with the 3ds. These aren’t just exclusives. PC certainly doesn’t have a lot of these types of titles (jrpgs, monster collecting games, rhythm games, just to name a few). Switch is the only place to get first party AAA Nintendo titles, but they are few and far between because Nintendo.

  • This is probably happening due to laziness, because it doesn’t take up lots of data to store vector information and meta data.

    WHAT is actually happening here is the developer is MEMORY DUMPING that point in game to disk space as a means to save them time developing a actual in-game stat/etc recording system that can be used for saved data files.

    You could do a similar sort of thing for neogeo or rom emulators to store exact points in memory on disk and come back to them later, or cheat.

    • I’ve downloaded a couple of full games and some online only ones and still have a fair bit of space left. I’ll probably need a few more GB over the life of it so will pick up a mid range card at some point.

  • Sure NBA 2K18 needs 5GB of space for the Nintendo Switch. But what about WWE 2K18? That should also get 5GB of space as well if you’re a WWE fan of World Wrestling because for me I’m not a huge fan of the WWE series.

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