Hellblade: Senua Sacrifice Cosplay Is A Vision

I can't tell if this Hellblade cosplay is real or not ... but that just works with the theme, doesn't it? This beautiful (if unsettling) game now has the beautiful (if unsettling) cosplay it deserves.

The Ending Of Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice Explained

Hellblade. Senua's Sacrifice isn't a very long game, but it sticks with you when it's over. With a storyline that covers some dark themes and its unrelenting depictions of psychosis, it certainly took me some time to sort through everything that went down. So let's talk about the ending.

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Margaret Cosplay and Art is one of a couple of cosplayers who have tackled Senua's grimy, tribal design in a cosplay, and she really nailed it. She's got the paint, she's got the blood, she's got the severed boyfriend's head and the look of determination. But the thing I'm most impressed by is that amazing wig. It's absolutely spot on to the game's version.

These photos were taken at the Polish FotoCon, and Margaret and photographer A&B Photography really made use of the old stone ruins the location had to offer.

This Convention Is All About Amazing Cosplay Photography

Every summer for the past few years a hoarde of cosplayers and photographers have descended on the picturesque Polish town of Wleń in the Bóbr Valley. They're not there for a comic con or games expo, not for any convention like you and I know it.

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In shoots with a different photographer, Yumikasa Photography, they explored the more vivid aspects of Senua's journey with the help of some smoke effects and intense lighting.

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